Health Is Everything

This is shocking! Did you know that communities with no access to organic, healthy foods live 18 years LESS than communities that do!?!

This is an outrage! Don’t you agree?

When I was young I didn’t pay too much attention to what I put in my body. I thought if I worked out then that was enough. I didn’t realize what a giant impact my nutrition played in my overall health.

Now, this may sound ridiculous, doesn’t it? Isn’t it common knowledge that “you are what you eat?” Continue reading

What to Expect When You Start A Workout Routine Today I’m gonna talk about one of my favorite topics and it is what you can expect when you first start a workout routine or a new fitness program. Maybe you’ve never worked out a day in your life and you know you need to start doing something about the way that you feel, maybe it isn’t even about your body anymore, right? Today I’m gonna talk about one of my favorite topics and it is what you can expect when you first start a workout routine or a new fitness program. Maybe you’ve never worked out a day in your life and you know you need to start doing something about the way that you feel, maybe it isn’t even about your body anymore, right?

It’s a like an energy necessity and or maybe the doctor said hey look you got to start exercising. If any of this sounds like you, here are some things that you can expect when you are getting started with a workout program.

If this is your first time watching one of my videos, my name is Holly Hierman and I’ve been in the fitness industry since the year 2000. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and I’ve been working one-on-one with individuals for over 10 years online, as well as teaching group fitness classes since 2001 and I love helping people discover that exercise isn’t a punishment, it’s actually a reward.

I have to tell you how important it is for you to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. It is all it really takes to boost your metabolism along with giving you a better emotional outlook in general. Research shows that exercise is not only good for you physically but mentally as well. I want to help you with what you can expect when you are starting out, so that you continue to exercise and not stop once you feel something you might not expect.

Pace Yourself! You are going to get tired.Do not try to go at Olympic pace or try to keep up with the person next to you. Nobody expects you to go full out and go crazy on your first day or even your first week.

Some things you might experience are light-headedness you might even see little balls of light flashing in front of your eyes or even your sight going black. Don’t worry, if you do experience dizziness or any one of these things your body is telling you to pace yourself, to slow down. This is very natural and very normal, especially when you take your body from a standing position to a seated position or maybe laying down and then quickly back up. It’s better to go light and make it through the whole workout. You will feel accomplished and good about yourself and more than likely you will want to do it again the next day.

You will most likely experience muscle fatigue/tiredness and most likely muscle soreness. Your muscles are going to feel like they might “give out” at times, this is normal. I’ve heard it explained, while lifting weights, as the feeling of little bubbles or like a rippling sensation and while that’s actually normal I would recommend you do less weight next time or take more breaks. Because yes you’re going to feel fatigued, you’re gonna feel the burn, the muscle burn, that is. While all of this is normal, when you’re first starting out you don’t want to kill yourself on the first day because like if you can’t even get out of bed to walk the next day what’s the chances that you’re gonna stick to something?!

Find a workout you enjoy, something that you look forward to doing. You are more likely to stick with something that you think is fun, even if it is difficult. Finding exercises and workout routines that are right for your body, not only your body but also fills you up in a way that makes you feel good on the inside. What’s really fun for you to do, for example, if you’re the type of person who likes to dance, then find dance classes or online workouts that have dancing in it. For me, I like to feel tough, I love me some kickboxing and MMA style stuff.

Figure out what you enjoy, do you like riding bikes? Do you like swimming? Do you like being outdoors? Do you like being in a group setting? Ask yourself these questions, because if you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re not going to stick with it. You might stick with it to get to your fitness goal, but you’re not gonna stick with it after that. This has really been a godsend for me, I found some really fun group fitness classes that I love so much and I still take and teach fitness classes. I absolutely love it! I don’t do any type of workout if it feels like a punishment or if it’s painful. Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean that it’s not good for you, it’s actually even better because you’re going to stick with it.

My tips for anybody out there who is approaching exercise for the first time or maybe for the 30th time in your life and it’s never worked for you before are to learn to pace yourself, listen to your body, drink plenty of water and slow down when you need to take breaks. Finally, find something you enjoy doing and look forward to. What is your favorite workout? Comment below.

There Is Greatness in You

Do you believe that? I mean REALLY BELIEVE that there is greatness in you?

I remember from a very young age always having a DESIRE to BE SOMEBODY – to accomplish something – to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I remember from a very young age always having a DESIRE to BE SOMEBODY – to accomplish something – to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Little did I know that the root of any of those things is truly believing in yourself.  Continue reading

Have you ever suffered so your child could sleep?

This post is for all the moms out there that have ever suffered so their child can sleep 😴

This little angel is worth every second of pain.

The good news is, I’m fairly certain there’s a massage in my near future.

I’m pretty sure I’ve earned it.

But ya know what… when you’re only in Vegas for a short visit with family you barely see, you make sacrifices.

While I AM very proud of the fact my children have a very regimented schedule 99.9% of the time, very rarely do we throw caution to the wind like this and don’t plan a formal nap.

I know I might create some controversy here but I WHOLE HEARTEDLY believe in getting kids on a schedule. Brain development has so much to do with the amount of sleep a child gets. I want my kids to have the best edge possible.

And honestly having a schedule Is the reason he was able to fall asleep (right around nap time) – because it’s engrained in him.

I know so many people don’t want to be bothered but let’s face it, don’t we ALL thrive with routine, familiarity, schedule, habits and an order of conducting our day? Why would it be different for a growing and developing child?

Do you remember to brush your teeth every day? That’s because you probably do it at the same time every day. Do you have solid work hours or an order of doing things at work? That’s because humans function best with a schedule.

Ok. I’m off my soap box. 😝 (I do think it’s important to note that I WAS the mom that didn’t want to create a schedule for my child). Lucky I found this thing called DESPIRATION – because my first was underweight, not sleeping at night and after research I realized it was because he didn’t know how to nap. Who knew? Once we got that under control everything fell into place.

And it all happened around the smar time I really started to learn about how awesome sleep is for development.

Every parent is different and that’s ok… you gotta do what ya gotta do, but if you can create ANY kind of routine for your child…I highly recommend it.

Sometimes You Just Need to Wear A Crazy Shirt

Because sometimes you just need to wear a crazy shirt! I’ve always been the type of person that wants to be different, not drink the same koolaide as everyone else and quite frankly, it’s both served me and hurt me at times. It’s ok though because I like to be different. I think there’s power in not doing the “norm”.

I believe we are all called to different things and I never want to look back on my life and wonder what I could have done if I had worried less about what others thought of me. Now, I am not talking about everyone when I say I don’t care, simply that I am only concerned with the ones that matter most to me. Those include Jesus, my husband, my children and a handful of those people closest to me.

What I have learned and now consider one of my strengths, is that I don’t care what the “masses” think of what I should or shouldn’t be doing. I have learned this (through many many painful trials) to not always listen to or care about the opinions of others. If I had, I would never had the experiences I have had. I would never have become a gymnast (even though I was overweight and nearly 12yrs old)… I would have never gone into the fitness industry (even though I didn’t look the part)…. I would have never auditioned for Turbo Jam (which was one of the best experiences of my life)… I would have never divorced an abusive man (because Christians don’t get divorced)… I would have never started an online business (because that will scare away all your family and friends)… and to be very honest I would have never gone to therapy (because that’s just for the weak or the crazy folk).

Those were all things I was told and truly believed myself UNTIL I decided NOT to listen to the negative thoughts in my head and what surrounded me. I encourage you today: be different, stand out, do what makes you feel awesome, even if others won’t agree with you.