Bill McDonald’s Testimonial

Hi everyone! My name is Bill but most people refer to me as CJ’s husband because she’s a superstar! I’m a 24 year veteran of the military and I’m currently a performance fitness coach. Just like many of you, I’ve been approached by probably over a dozen MLM’s from cell phone cards to herbalife. I think I developed this stigma about MLM’s back in the 70’s because my dad was an Amway distributor and it stuck with me my whole life!

Beachbody is not an MLM in the normal sense…it’s a family! Having met Carl
Daikeler and spoken to him, having met Michael Neimand and actually having them
stop and speak to me for a half hour without looking at their watch or looking over
my head, I can honestly say they care about everybody! You know how you can tell
people are talking to you but they’re not present? The people in this company
actually care!

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The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make

Today we are going to talk about two mistakes that new network marketers make when they first join this industry. You’re part of this amazing industry! Network marketers, hands down, you have the BEST opportunity to become self-made millionaires. We have the most success financially then any other industry out there. As far as building and expanding a business and we get to do it all online, in our own time. It‘s an awesome business and I probably don’t have to convince you more about that.

Watch this video to see The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make:

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