How to Build a Business of Residual Income Part 3 of 7

Doesn’t it feel good to have a goal and achieve it? I have built the life I love while working my home based business for the past ten years. It has given me and my husband a ton of freedom, financially and in regards to our life. How to build a business with residual income is something that I am passionate about and help others do the same.

Most people don’t know what they are doing when they start building their own business, I am here to help you set yourself up to succeed in starting your own home based online business.

Tip #3 on how to build a business of residual income is you need to GET IGNITED. You need to have the desire, a fire within you, that makes you get excited to work your business. When you have your own business you need a REASON to do the things that maybe you don’t really feel like doing.

Successful people do the things necessary in order to create success. I follow a man by the name of Darren Hardy, he is a person of integrity first, he speaks to what is going to get you to the next level. It is the small things that will make a difference in how your life can change. The choices you make everyday will make a difference in the long run. Tap into your emotions when you are working towards a goal. One of the strongest emotions is frustration, anger, just get mad about where you are in life, the situation you might be in.

Think about how you got to where you are, it most likely is little things that compounded and found you in the place you are now. Create the strongest foundation you can while starting to build your business. When I started I was angry at where I was in my life, I used this as fuel to build a business of passive income where I now have the freedom to stay at home with my children, to take vacations with my family and basically have the life I always dreamed of.

Don’t accept defeat, get ignited and start to build the strong foundation you need to create a business of residual income. Drop me a comment below and stay tuned for part 4 coming soon!

Warm And Cold Market

Warm Market?  Cold market ? What does it all mean?  If you’re new to network marketing or you’re trying to figure out how to get started in network marketing, you’re going to hear these words a lot.

Think about a bulls-eye for moment.  Imagine your warm market being your family in the center of the bulls-eye, then it expands to people you know, then the outside of the bulls-eye is people you don’t know (social media etc.).

I want you to avoid one of the most common mistakes network marketers make, and that is not sharing with the people closest to you. This happens in all areas of the business world, but we as entrepreneurs often don’t share what we have to offer with those closest to us.

You want to start with the people closest to you and work your way outwards. A fire burns hottest from the center.

One Minute Business Tip Work Ethic

One minute business tip for you today is work ethic. It seems so simple but sometimes it is the small stuff that puts you ahead.

I help people start and run their own small businesses and have found that if you have the ability to focus, put your nose to the grindstone and get things done, then you have what you need  start a small business.

A strong work ethic will help your small business start-up and will continue to help your business succeed.