Ryan Bates

I have always struggled to stay at a healthy weight.  I was considered the big girl with a pretty face pretty much my whole life.  I would yo-yo with my weight but was never able to reach my goal. I would also just gain the weight back after I went back to business as usual.  I had hit a point in the spring of 2011 where I knew something had to be done as I was weighing in at 255 pounds!  I was tired all the time, grumpy, depressed, suffering from sleep apnea, and so out of shape I couldn’t play with my kids at the park the way I wanted to.  I was bitter and jealous of the other moms who seemed to have what I desired.

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Jeffrey Markell

markell transformationHolly has been such an inspiration to my success! She is kind, generous and helpful in so many ways. Always with a smile, always with genuine interest and concern, she gives of herself and her time to share her knowledge and experience to help all those around her get better and continue to move forward.

Here is ‘My Story,’ which of course is a work in progress.  www.healthyfitnesstrainer.com

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