How My Dog Beat Cancer

Hi my name is Holly Hierman, CEO of Fit Finances and I am a dog LOVER!!! If you’ve been following me for awhile then you know that I absolutely adore my pit bull, Dixie! She’s been with me for many, many years and today I want to share a success story of HERS! Because she can’t share it with you, right? I want to tell you a little bit about her experience with the product known as, Shakeology!

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PiYo Preview

PiYo Lesson 9 Preview

Here is a little preview if you want to see what PiYo is all about.

If yoga makes you yawn, PiYo will make you strong! Be a yoga rebel with PiYo Strength. It’s a unique core-strengthening workout inspired by yoga and Pilates. With upbeat music and a constant flow of moves, it’s a rhythmic, dynamic, and intense workout designed to build strength and flexibility.

A Little Hip Hop Hustle

Being part of a workout video is a lot of fun, and a lot of work! Here’s just a short clip of me in the cast filming a Hip Hop Hustle workout video.

More like a night out on the town than exercise, Hip Hop Hustle lets you burn up the dance floor while you burn calories too! It breaks down the hottest hip hop moves so they’re easy to follow. Anyone can do this! Get fly, get funky, get fit, get down!