Give Yourself Permission To Rise

What does success look like to you? Do you feel successful or have you settled into a routine that made you put your dreams on hold? Think about the dreams and goals you have for your life, have you reached them all? Have you pushed some aside, have you settled or don’t feel you deserve anything else or better? Brendon Burchard, author, and motivational speaker, often speaks on the topics of success and performance at the next level. He reminds us to always look beyond our current circumstances, if you want to become more you must raise your ambitions and refuse to settle. The past is behind you, leave it there and focus on what you can do today to have success in your future. Is it setting aside more time to work your side business? Is it exercising on a more consistent basis? Is it something related to a personal goal that always seemed so out of reach?

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Are You Drifting or Directing Your Life?

Most people feel, at some point in time, that they are drifting through life with no real direction. Drifting by definition is equal to a slow fade-not sounding like the life you were designed to live, is it?  If you are living a life where you are working too hard and not being smart about what’s going on around, you are drifting through life. Author and motivational speaker, Michael Hyatt, spoke about living a “designed” life vs. a “default” life. A “designed” life is where you are intentional about where you want to go and what you need to be doing with regards to your life. With this being said, you need to be able to answer these 3 questions:


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Should I Lose Weight Before Becoming a Beachbody Coach

Now, I get this question all the time: “Should I already be a physicalsuccess story before I come on board as a Beachbody coach?” Now, as you know, Beachbody is a fitness company. We represent an array of different products that are in the fitness industry: P90X, Insanity, T25, Turbo Fire. And then of course we have some incredible nutritionals as well like Shakeology.

Should I Lose Weight Before Becoming a Beachbody Coach? Watch this video to know more:

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The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make

Today we are going to talk about two mistakes that new network marketers make when they first join this industry. You’re part of this amazing industry! Network marketers, hands down, you have the BEST opportunity to become self-made millionaires. We have the most success financially then any other industry out there. As far as building and expanding a business and we get to do it all online, in our own time. It‘s an awesome business and I probably don’t have to convince you more about that.

Watch this video to see The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make:

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