How to Keep Up with a Workout Program

Today I want to talk to you about  my absolute musts in keeping up with your workouts. It’s so difficult to know what is going on with your body when you start a workout program, especially when you expect to be feeling more energetic and stronger and your body is feeling something different.  I was on the fence for so many years about taking supplements, all the while thinking I can just eat healthy and get everything my body needs through food. Now that I have been in the fitness/wellness business for over eight years, along with teaching fitness classes since the year 2000, I have found it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get  everything our bodies need from food alone. In researching vitamins/supplements, I found that our soil is not given time to rest between plantings so it’s stripped of so many nutrients.  It is for that reason that even the healthiest of us may still be lacking in certain vitamins/minerals.  I know I talk all the time about Shakeology and you know how much this has changed my life, it is with Shakeology and other supplements that I use that help with my workouts and daily health. I want to share with you how I keep up with my workouts, while taking care of my body as well.

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Does Shakeology Help With Weight Loss

Are you looking for a meal replacement shake that will help with weight loss, along with providing your body with a daily dose of dense nutrition? The science behind Shakeology and all of it’s ingredients, allows your body to perform at optimal level while losing weight. We know that our bodies function best when in good balance, but it is hard to know exactly what our body needs.

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A Recipe for YOU!

A Healthy Summer Burger

By this point in the summer, you’re probably getting pretty tired of the same old barbecue scene: charred hot dogs, fatty hamburgers, and mayonnaise-laden potato and macaroni salads. For a refreshing change, try these high-fiber veggie burgers ? they’re a great way to add some healthy variety to late-summer cookouts. Once you make the patties, you can wrap them and refrigerate them for up to two days, or freeze them for up to three months. Then you’ll have them on hand for a quick and easy meal when you’re short on time.


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10 Healthy 10-Minutes Recipes!

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I’ve put together a recipe book that’s super easy to follow. It has 10 recipes that can be made in just 10 minutes. AND the recipes are easy to modify so you’re not eating the same thing over and over again.

We need quick and easy recipes to help keep us on track. We all have busy lives; don’t make things harder on yourself than necessary.  Check out the recipes and feel free to share this on Facebook.