Things I’ve Had to Overcome

All of the things that should have stopped me in this business include moving, having two babies, gain and lost weight, planned a wedding, lost family members, a big one was the loss of my dear sweet dog Dixie. She had been the only constant in my life during the trying years of change.

I had gone from Vice President of a major corporation to being not really being responsible for anything but being a mom and this business. I have struggled with postpartum and continue to battle it to this day. I have had to find and become a part of three different churches, and have had to go to therapy to help deal with these on various levels.

All these could have been huge excuses for me to quit, throw in the towel. I am sure that you have experienced some obstacles that may have put the thought in your head to just stop what you are doing and just give up.

It is during these times that I encourage you to dive in. Don’t Give Up. This is the time where you need to make things happen despite the obstacles you may be facing. This could relate to all different areas of your life, personal or business.

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Have a blessed day!

You Will End Up Where Your Focus Is!

Holly Hierman 371You Will End Up Where Your Focus Is!

More often than not we tend to focus on the negative things about our lives. That way of thinking is not beneficial and is actually not getting us anywhere. We then become stuck! There is no movement forward and often times we will move backwards.

So how do we change what we focus on? We get R.E.A.L.

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Breaking Down Your Big, Hairy Goals!

Holly Hierman 530Breaking Down Your Big, Hairy Goals!

Goals can be scary! Especially, if they are BIG!

So how do we breakdown our goals so that they aren’t so Big and Hairy?

When writing out your goals, it is a good idea to have bench marks and break them down into bite size pieces.
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Why You Should Make a To Do List

to-do-listAdd everything to your To Do List & then prioritize those things that really make an impact or need to be done today.

Block out your day with certain tasks. When you do this you will give more importance to what is actually important.  This will help alleviate the feeling of “laziness” or guilt because you will view it as something that is just as important as your 9-5 job.

If you are feeling scattered, busy, or stressed then you need to write down your To Do List.

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Who’s Running Your Day?


Are you running your day or is your day running you? Do you feel as though you have numerous lists,  run around all the time, but still not completing much?

Let’s take a look at your day and figure out if you have control of your day or if your day has control of you.

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