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Box Away The Inches With This Home Workout

This NEW Boxing Program can help you torch fat, melt inches off your waistline, and get you lean & mean in as little as 6 weeks in the comfort of your own home!

This Boxing Home Workout Includes:

  • 2 Days of Weight Training
  • 3 Days of Boxing Training
  • A Support Community of Like-Minded People
  • One on one health coach
  • 2 Boxing At Home Prep Workouts
  • Over 30 Unique Boxing Workouts
  • Intro to Nutrition Video (New!)
  • Boxing Basics Video Series
  • Begining Boxing Guide
  • Complete Workout Calendar
  • At Home Nutrition Guide
  • 7-Day Professional Meal Plan

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Here's Some More Info On 10 Rounds Boxing Program

10 ROUNDS™ Is A 6-week Program.

Joel takes you through 3 days of boxing training and 2 days of weightlifting each week that will leave you shredded with a sculpted physique.

The boxing is based on the fundamental training pillars for fast fat-burning: power, speed, and endurance.

Each workout is broken into 10 three-minute rounds with 45 seconds of rest in between.

The two 30-minute lifting workouts per week—one for upper body, one for lower body—focus on building strength and lean muscle. 


The boxing workouts will focus on combinations of punches and footwork that build in complexity along with conditioning drills that build power using body weight to increase lean muscle mass, speed/agility with fast footwork that will push you into high-intensity spikes of fat-burning, and endurance to boost performance so you burn more calories faster.


Joel will take you through 2 weightlifting workouts each week—one day of upper body to build strength and power, and the other day concentrating entirely on lower body/legs, because every punch you throw explodes from the ground up.

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