Can Someone With No Background in Fitness Have a Successful Beachbody Business

CJ McDonald talks about her business success testimony, emphasizing that even though she isn’t from the fitness industry, she was able to succeed.

Forgotten Wishes

CJ was a big dreamer, she dreamed of achieving so many possibilities.  From someday owning odd shaped swimming pools to wanting to live on a cliff. Her imagination had no limits when she was a little girl! When CJ grew up, she forgot about her dreams and even how to dream and pursued a corporate career.

A Wake Up Call

At 42, CJ found herself on a hospital bed for a possible heart attack. That life altering event made CJ realize that she needed to be present in the lives of her family. This made her decide that she needed to give up a successful, and high paying career to be present for her kids’ birthday parties and family events.

Reaching Out to Holly

CJ called Holly, asked her what she needed to do and did it! And 18 months after taking the plunge, CJ and Billy McDonald paid off $60,000 worth of debt.


Her testimony beautifully ends with her achieving her freedom.

Freedom for CJ is being present for her family. From traveling 187,000 miles a year, working 60-80 hours per week to working part time hours while earning a full time, 6-figure income.

What’s stopping you from making your dreams come true?

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