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“My siErin Elizabethster and I agreed to do the biggest loser challenge with Holly basically for fun to see if we would stick to it.. We did.. Being 700 miles apart we still held each other accountable! I lost about 12 pounds and I’m even happier about the inches I lost!! 4 inches alone in my waist, and 1.5 in my hips! Holly giving advice and tips was fantastic and made me want to do better with my workouts and keeping track and taking care of myself.. I thank you so much Holly!!


 You are truly an inspiration to me!!! No lie.. the first time I started doing beach body workouts I was doing turbo jam and you were my absolute favorite person in those videos.. To me you were ‘real’, not super skinny (no offense) and you sweat like someone that was working out! I hate doing workouts with itty bitty skinny minis.. lmao!!! Thanks so much Miss Holly.. you are fabulous!!!!! I look forward to doing more challenges with you and talking with you!”-Erin



Sarah Drew“I love these challenges, giving me accountability and support when I feel like giving up or if I have any questions. I truly wish I could take part in more of these. And holly was such a great help leader in the challenge I did with her. I lost up to five lbs in the month and several inches all over, and I can’t wait to join another challenge and to continue my fitness journey.”-Sarah






Joan Rivera“If it weren’t for this group I don’t know if I would’ve continued with my goal towards losing weight. There are days that we cannot work out for many reasons, or keep up with our diets, and we sometimes feel that we should just give up but knowing that there are people counting on you makes you motivated. Your not disappointing anyone other than yourself. This group kept the motivation going. Like having homework for school. No homework no rewards!”-Joan



 Kristy Draeger“Thanks to Holly Hierman’s motivational and informational video posts during The Biggest Loser Facebook Challenge I was able to get back in control of my diet and exercise after a long hiatus post injury.  Having to post in the group daily kept me accountable.  I lost a pound and a few inches, but gained so much more.  Focus and determination for me is the foundation for carrying out these healthy changes for LIFE.”-Kristy





 Erica“I have been participating in Holly’s 30 day workout challenge group since June 1st, 2013. The motivation, accountability, and support I received from the group helped me drop almost 11 pounds and 12 inches as of August 9, 2013! Posting daily pictures of my workouts really kept me disciplined, focused, and mindful of my fitness goals. I am now                           well on my way to achieving those goals!”-Erica


“I think the challenge group was really great in that it keeps you accountable to fit in a workout even on the days where you just feel like being lazy! It gives me workout buddies!”-Holly








Dawniel“When I started this challenge, I was working out but not working on my eating habits. A stressful event happened and I wasn’t really eating much. I realized that wasn’t healthy. I started to take Shakeology and other meal replacement shakes and watched what I ate throughout the day and still allowed myself a small treat in order not to binge due to depriving myself; which is usually what happens. I am really excited to start the next phase of your challenge group! Thanks so much for the support! I couldn’t do it alone.”-Dawniel




Tammy Rylaarsdam “I loved having other people to share my day with. We had a great support group and I think we even had some fun too. I also lost 13lbs and 2 inches off my waist AND dropped 3 dress sizes… in 30 days.”-Tammy







Kerry Melachouris“Lost 5 pounds and I’m finally starting to see the definition in my abs!  I’m still working at it!”-Kerry






Alisha Medina“I did the 30 Day Challenge, lost 9.6lbs AND met my goal of giving up soda for not just the 30 days… still going!”-Alisha








Kevin Daniel“I got more than I expected out of the challenge, knowing I have to log what I eat and do was such a great motivation, but the magic was the people. It was not only the support of keeping me on track, but it really felt like a team. We are all there for each other every step of the way during the challenge and after. Can’t wait to go again!!”-Kevin





Molly Tristan “The 30 day challenge workout group has really shown me that once I make up my mind I can do anything. I was able to lose inches on my waist chest and arms and gain the confidence I need to work out and get healthy.”-Molly






Joan Dolansky“Before joining the 30 day workout group, I wasn’t being consistent with working out, eating healthy, and I would NEVER have posted pictures of myself in a group looking all sweaty after working out! But after seeing other challengers posting their daily workouts, food diaries, struggles with working out and healthy eating, AND sweaty workout pictures, I felt like I was part of a family where I could be myself. I not only worked out consistently and started eating healthier again, I gained the confidence to post those sweaty workout pictures of myself ~ and even got “likes” on them! So, being in this 30 day challenge group helped me gain confidence, get back on track with working out and eating right, and as an added bonus, I lost 1.25″ from my waist, hips and chest!!”-Joan



 “Being in a 30-day challenge group is very helpful for me to be help accountable.  I want to show everyone that I’m doing what they are and not slacking.  The word challenge drives me to be successful.  I lost 5lbs during this challenge with an occasional cheat day or two.  With the combination of exercise and Shakeology.  I always have more energy during my hectic days.  I love that after having Shakeology in my life my cravings for certain foods have disappeared and instead of craving potato chips I crave fruit salads to give me the booster I need.”-Taylor



Brandi“Being part of the 30 day workout group helped keep me accountable and seeing everyone’s progress was such inspiration! It helped keep me focused and I was able to lose pounds as well as inches! YAY!”-Brandi






Susan“The 30-Day Workout was just what I needed to maintain the momentum of eating right and working out regularly. Having the support of this amazing group helped me exceed my own 66-year old expectations. I lost 2 inches on my chest, waist and hips – losing a whole size.”-Susan






Sabrina“My experience in the 30 day challenge was amazing. I have lost 2lbs and about 3 inches over all. My eating habits changed for the better and I had a lot more energy with keeping up with workouts. Also pushed myself to do two workouts some days if I skipped a day. The motivation and support in the group was the best.”-Sabrina


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