Determine Priorities for Life Balance

Hi! Today we’re gonna talk about goal setting. This is something that has really helped enrich my life and I hope it’ll help you too! It’s not just about fitness here but about the whole package. It’s about getting your whole life more fit! So if there’s anyway I can help you, I definitely want to 🙂

This is something I did with all of my Beachbody coaches not too long ago. Basically, I had them write out their top 5 priorities…LIFE priorities! Some examples might be, your family, (hopefully), your fitness, your finances, your faith, etc.

Take out a piece of paper and write down your top 5 life priorities.

Then, underneath that, I want you to write down everything you do in a typical day: During a regularly scheduled day.

Now take a look at both of those lists and evaluate everything you do in a typical day and does that match up with your top 5 life priorities? That’s really the question because your top 5 life priorities should be taking up the majority of your time!

So if you’re finding that maybe you’re doing other things in those time slots or you’re giving priority to something that isn’t in your top 5, I want to encourage you to cut it out…cut it OUT of your life!

Focus on those top 5 life priorities because then, you’re gonna feel more successful!

I have to give a shoutout to Chalene Johnson, celebrity Beachbody trainer and creator of TurboJam, TurboKick and PiYo, (to name a few): for this awesome tip! She taught me this and if it wasn’t for her, I don’t know when I would’ve stopped running in circles. It’s because of this one tip that I feel less stress and more accomplished every day!

Now I’m paying it forward to you so it’s your turn to apply this to your life and also pay it forward.

Have an amazingly productive day!!

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