Do You Have to be a Salesperson to be a Beachbody Coach?

Below is a testimonial from George Hann. (aka My Dad, aka Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, aka business partner with me as a Beachbody Coach)

Here’s what he has to say:

All I have to do is share: all I have to do is tell my story. When you see someone who looks like they’re falling off the cliff, you HAVE to do something. You have to talk to those people. You’re thinking, “I’m not a pushy sales person, I don’t wanna sell anything”…all you have to do is share! This has NOTHING to do with selling and EVERYTHING to do with sharing!

Have you ever walked up to a 450 pound person and wanted to share with them but you didn’t? If you don’t, who will? Who’s gonna share with them what you know will help them?

I have a Real Estate customer, Mrs. Bradshaw. She’s 82 years old. She had just come back from the Dr. Her cholesterol was high, her blood pressures out the door and she’s diabetic. And I said I have something for you and if you’ll do this for 2 weeks, I guarantee you’ll feel so much better! So I shared a little bit with her about my story.

Her daughter and son-in-law were sitting across from me and asked if I could get it for them. Of course I said yes! And I’ll show you how to make it! She’s diabetic so she can’t have sugar.

I gave it to her, showed her how to do it. She looked at her daughter and son-in-law and said you’re doing this with me! So now all three are on it. They just called me and said they feel great! So they’re all set up.

The business end of this, if you don’t share it with somebody, what’s gonna happen TO them?

When you see somebody you know is hurting…they won’t tell you. Look at people in the eyes and you will see lifelessness. You won’t see the happiness, you won’t see the joy! Just say “hello” to people! Don’t pass by them without looking them in the eyes. Say hello and look them in the face!

I made the choice, I’m gonna share whatever it is with whoever it is. Because I believe deep in my soul we have something that could help others! My slogan is… “Lose 20 pounds, gain 20 years and get rich!”

If you want more information on how YOU can earn as a Beachbody Coach, set up a call with me. I would love to help you see if it’s a good fit for you, too:

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