DSC_8315I was introduced to Beachbody back in 2008 when I saw my first P90X infomercial. I recruited my husband, Kevin, to do it with me after we were both at fitness lows and at weight highs. After 90 days, we were pounds lighter and inches smaller. I was hooked!

I went on to finish rounds of P90X, P90X+, P90X2, and Tony Horton’s One on One. After some life upheaval and job relocation, however, I found myself out of my fitness routine and back up to my pre-P90X weight. Knowing the success I always had with Beachbody, in the fall of 2012, I turned to TurboFire and found my soul mate workout! It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. This time, I added Shakeology to my nutrition plan, which immediately accelerated my results and brought back the energy I had been lacking for a long time.

Just 3 weeks into the program I was solidly convinced that Beachbody WORKS and was sure others could experience the same results.

I signed up to be a coach, mostly for the discount on Shakeology but with the “maybe someday” plan of actually coaching.

With the combination of TurboFire and Shakeology, I dropped 11 pounds once again and then continued to lose and maintain another 2 pounds… far beyond my goal weight. My role as an active coach now keeps me accountable and motivated every single day to STAY in shape and, more importantly, stay healthy. It’s been a lifestyle overhaul.

To keep things interesting, we change up our fitness program every 10-12 weeks. We completed Les Mills Combat before starting another round of P90X2. My greatest joy has been helping Kevin experience a total body transformation. This past fall, he committed to daily workouts (at 5:30am) and Shakeology for lunch every day along with healthier overall eating. He has lost 30 pounds as a result and is at his lowest weight since I met him in college! We have been married for almost 21 years and this is the healthiest we’ve ever been together. We are currently doing Focus T25 and love the efficiency and effectiveness of this program.

As a coach, I now understand the importance of HAVING a coach. I had always done programs on my own, was never in a challenge group, and never knew how much support and help was available to me. I now see how important coaches are in the Beachbody picture. I happen to be a pretty disciplined person, so I made it work but for those who aren’t, coaches are crucial to achieving success. I have now begun building a team of my own with the goal of providing them with the best and most helpful information to grow their business to meet their own goals.

This business is so much about relationships and growing them; if it becomes about anything else, the business will fail. The by-product of sharing these programs with people I care about has been financially rewarding, which in turn, has allowed me to live a life of greater generosity. Having freedom to give to the causes that tug at my heart allows me to live a life of “open hands” when others are in need.

My absolute life passion is transformation. Whether this happens in the home through remodeling, the body through physical changes, or the church through a growing relationship with Christ, there is nothing that makes me hum more than that. With Beachbody I get to be on the front lines, helping others experience their own transformation. When the body changes so does the mind and the spirit. These three interconnected pieces become stronger and stronger so that we can truly be the people God created us to be. By caring for the temples He gave us, we honor Him with our whole being. And there’s NOTHING I’d rather be a part of than that!


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