My name is Holly Hierman. I started my home business in 2008. I want you to think about what you want: increase earnings, decrease hours at work, more freedom, positivity, motivation, inspiration. Allow yourself to dream bigger than you have in years. Starting a Beachbody business and becoming a coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you’re asking yourself if you should start a business, I want to encourage you with my personal story. I was working 60-70 hours a week and exercising about 15-10 hours a week. It was hard on my body and my life in general. Do you feel like you want a break? Do you feel like you need to make more money but just don’t know what to do. Having an online business can be very rewarding. I want to encourage you:
1) There are more self made millionaires in Multilevel marketing than in most other industries
2) How hard you work determines your financial ceiling
This business model helps you with health, fitness and personal development. We have legitimate supplements, real fitness programs and our business model is designed for you to earn passive income; residual income.