How CJ Paid Off $60k in Debt with Her Home Business

Do we have products that really work and transform people? Absolutely!  I’m a transformation story myself! I lost 35-40 pounds using ChaLEAN Extreme.

What we need to understand is that this is a business opportunity! It’s an opportunity for you to transform your life, your family’s lives as well as your friends and people you haven’t even met yet.

So I’ll tell you a little about my story. I’m gonna talk to you about four points. I’m gonna talk about a wish, I’m gonna talk about a need, I’m gonna talk about a want and freedom.

Let’s start with the wish! I was the little girl who would sit on my mom’s lap that literally was the dreamer. She would sit with me and ask, “CJ, what are you dreaming about today?” I’d say, “You know what, mom? I want a pool and I don’t want a normal pool, I want it shaped like a horses head!” And she’d say, “What?” Then I’d say, “I wanna live in a house on a cliff, overlooking the beach!” Like I said, I was a dreamer!

As we all do going through life, I put my dreams in an attic. I allowed those dreams to sit there and collect cobwebs. I did what I thought I was supposed to do. I got my college degree and I went into corporate America. And I worked and my kids will attest to this, I’d work 60, 70, 80 hours a week chasing that everlasting dollar! Just trying to be successful.

And what happened was my wish turned into a need because of a life-altering event. That life-altering event was that at the age of 42 I was sitting in a hospital bed because the Dr’s thought I was having a heart attack…at 42! I have four children and all I could do was sit up there looking at the lights above and I thought…”You have GOT to be kidding me! I’m 42!!!”

They were running tests…my littlest who was just 5 years old at the time and all I could think was, “He’s gonna end up without a mom!”

That’s when I transferred the wish to a need! The need to be present in the lives of my family! The need to tell my corporate America job, “No, I can’t travel on my child’s birthday!” And I was! I was traveling 180,000 miles a year and I was missing birthdays, dances…you name it, I was missing it!

Now, was I successful in that job? Absolutely! I made a ton of money but I realized in that moment that I needed to change, be present in my family and turn that wish into a need.

But I had NO clue how to do it other than the way I had been doing it!

Have you ever heard that term, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?’

Well, I had been a coach at that time for about three years but I was a discount coach. I was somebody that really liked the products, I enjoyed working out at home. I hated going to the gym unless I was going with my stud husbandJ

Holly had been a dear friend from afar and I knew about Beachbody but I didn’t really know about the opportunity. So I called Holly up and said, “OK, it’s time. I need the how.” That was January 2013, she said, “Do this!” I did it! I went back to her and said, “I did it. What now?” She gave me another step and I did that! And another and another and I did everything she asked.

Originally I just wanted to pay for my Shakeology and help off-set the bills and I did that and I did that! Momentum started building so fast and before you know it my husband and I paid off $60,000 in debt in 18 months!!

So my wish, my dream as a little girl transferred to a need and then transferred to a want because I didn’t want to die at the age of 42! I wanted to be present in my children’s lives and that transferred to freedom! And that’s where I sit right now.

Freedom is that I have a six figure job! I make a lot of money people! On April 1st I fired my boss!! I will be home full time, working part time hours, making full time income, able to go to sports games and able to be present.

Understand that this is a business! Do we do fitness? Yes! But is that all that it’s about? No! This is the opportunity to transform your own life and then transform the lives of every single person you touch!

If you see somebody, talk to them! This is an opportunity to change your life as well as others!

That’s my story. I’m CJ McDonald

If you would like information on how you can start earning full time income working part time hours, set up a call with Holly today:

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