How can I make myself happier or how to be happier in life are subjects I often hear people talking about. For me, I try to utilize every minute of drive time or down time with filling my mind with positive, inspirational or informational podcasts related to life and business.

As an online business owner with Beachbody, I have found happiness through sharing this business opportunity to help others be happier at work. What I do is help people reach their health and fitness goals, as well as start their own online health and fitness business too. I can tell you through personal development and self improvement, I have found I am happy with myself and therefore, happier at work and in my relationships.

Everybody wants to be happier in life and often we think this comes from external things; such as material objects or success or even something like fitting into a certain dress. How to be happy with yourself comes from you and you alone. You get to decide who you want to become. You get to form who you are.

One of my mentors advised me to start reading books. When I started my own business, I began reading every single day in order to learn how to make the business work. Who you become will have a lot to do with who you receive mentorship from and the sum of the books you read and personal development you acquire. You can form who you want to be by the books you read and the information you put into your brain.

When I started out I didn’t want to read books or dive into personal development; however, I wanted financial success and freedom. I knew I wanted more out of life, freedom from some things in my past, more spiritual knowledge. I encourage you to pick up a book, listen to an inspirational podcast, take the time to find what makes you happy with yourself and how you can improve yourself and other aspects of your life will benefit.

Negativity seems to be all around us these days, especially with all the social media we are constantly bombarded with, it’s our job to seek out positivity and to fill ourselves and our mind with positivity and knowledge that pushes us towards the happiness we all deserve. You owe it to yourself, your family and those around you to be a positive and happy person.

How to be happier? Seek it out. Choose happiness.

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