How to Build a Business of Residual Income Part 5 of 7

I am very passionate about building a business of residual income and this is part 5 in a series of 7.

When I started my online business, I didn’t have a blueprint of what to do, I did however, have many mentors, including the person who brought me into this business. I like to share what it is I’ve learned throughout my ten years, all my answers and secrets to help people live the life that they want.
Part 5 in my series on building a business of residual income is all about being HONEST.  

If you want to build a business with longevity, you need to Be Honest with Yourself!

Tip #1 Be honest about your strengths AND your weaknesses. Most people spend the majority of time tackling their weaknesses, but forget to build upon their strengths as well. Spend time building up things you know you need to work on and also time building up what it is you feelyou are already good at and make yourself better all the way around. There is immense potential in you if you are honest with yourself.

Tip #2 Be willing to commit to a personal growth and personal development program. If you want more out of your life continue to educate yourself. We all have room for improvement.Tip #3 Track your progress in the areas that you are working on. Anything that you want to improve upon needs to be measurable. You will never know if you are improving or succeeding if you don’t track your progress. Develop a system in order for you to see if what it is you are doing is giving you the results you are looking for. Did you do something? How often?

All of my successes so far, along with becoming a better person in general, can be attributed to being honest with myself and committing to these very ideas. Who I am comes down to this

*Knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are
*Willing to grow through personal development
*Tracking daily what I am working on right now

I love teaching people how to do this and helping them live better, live more efficiently and ultimately live more amazing lives.

Part 6 of this series on building a business of residual income coming soon!

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