How to Build a Business of Residual Income Part 6 of 7

I began thinking to myself, while working a good job making a good salary, how will I ever be able to save enough for retirement, never mind being able to go on vacation or start a family. At the end of every month there just never seemed to be enough money to put away for the “extra” things I wanted.That is when I launched my own online business in 2008. A business that has provided me with all the things I was not able to have working the daily grind in my corporate job.

I worked hard in the beginning and with the residual income I am now making I am able to take time off, stay at home with my children along with providing other opportunities I thought I would never be able to have and continue to get paid.You need to have your own goals in line with your personal values. They need to be YOUR OWN. The company, whichever company you may be working for, will set “benchmark” goals for you. But remember these are their goals, not yours.

You need to have your OWN Personal Integrity Goals. Don’t give up on what you intrinsically believe and follow in your life. Your goals are goals, your integrity is just that YOURS. Your integrity is what you are willing to do and not willing to do when people are not watching you. No one is going to push you in this type of business except you, Build layers of accountability for you and your business, this could just be an accountability partner that keeps you going. Your business needs to shift with when your life shifts.

In the beginning I went at it hard, I didn’t give myself much grace to take time away. But, building my business in the beginning has allowed me to be able to step back when I need to or even want to today. I want you to set up boundaries and guidelines that will help you build a business that can last. You need to match up with your own personal beliefs and what you personally are looking to achieve. I do this because I want other people to experience the freedom that comes with building a business of residual income. 

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