How to Develop Your Story

Developing and sharing your story is a way to connect with people and build your business. Before we start on developing your story, I want you to answer the following two questions.

Why did you get into Beachbody? (this could be a few different reasons)
For me, the coaching opportunity looked like a way I could work my own hours and pay
off the huge amount of debt I had accumulated.

What do you want to get out of it? (Beachbody)
Most coaches are looking to create their own schedule, make more money, or they have
a need for recognition.

Eric Worre, author of the book Go Pro , teaches network marketers how to connect with more people by developing your story. There are four important steps in developing your story.

Step 1-What is your personal background? Who are you? What do you do?

This could be a few things; for example a stay at home mom, overworked corporate
person, or even an empty nester. Prior to Beachbody, I was the overworked corporate
person working 60-70 hours a week as Vice President of Chalene Johnson’s company.

Step 2-What you didn’t like about current situation? Or when you joined Beachbody?

This could be related to health/fitness/financial-maybe you are diabetic and you want to
try and go off some of the medications you take, or you want to lose weight so you can
do more with your children. Before I joined Beachbody, although I loved my job, I didn’t
have control of the hours I worked and my salary was not enough to get me out of debt.

Step 3-Found a Solution

For you it may be weight loss or improving your health or even the sense of belonging to
a team that you have been looking for. If you are having a difficult time coming up with
your answer, put down the first thing that came to your mind. The more “real” your story
is the more people will connect to you. Beachbody helped me pay off my debt and I had
the freedom to create my own schedule.

Step 4-How do you feel about the future?

Keep in mind, you do not need to be at your end goal to share your story. Focus on your
transformation and show them how excited you are for the future. Share the opportunity
and invite people to come along on your journey.

Now that you know the steps to follow, develop your story and get out there and share it.
Remember to be authentic, people will connect with you when they feel you are being real with them and your story.

Make sure when sharing your story you don’t skip steps 1 & 2, this is where a lot of network marketers get it wrong. If people don’t know your background and what you didn’t like about your situation, they won’t connect to you and what you are trying to offer them with Beachbody. Skipping to the last two steps is just a sales pitch without the personal connection so many people are looking for.

If you want more information on how YOU can earn as a Beachbody Coach, set
up a call with *Holly Hierman*. I would love to help you see if it’s a good fit for you, too:

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