How To Save On Shakeology

I get this question all the time: How can I save on Shakeology?  People often look at the price  of Shakeology and think, “wow that is really expensive!”  What you really need to think about is that Shakeology is a meal replacement. I want to help you wrap your head around what you are actually getting for the price, this actually took me awhile to realize as well.

We don’t think about how much we actually spend monthly on breakfast or lunch, but if we did, we would see how that really adds up. Typically, we don’t break down what we are actually spending per meal when we budget out our grocery bills. Being that you are actually replacing breakfast or lunch for the month, the cost of Shakeology as a customer would break down to about $5 per day per meal. I don’t know about you, but I would have a hard time finding a healthy breakfast or lunch for as little as $5. I know it would not nearly have all the health benefits that Shakeology has. Think of Shakeology as REPLACING an entire month (30 meals) of your breakfast or lunch, for the cost of $130.

As one of my mentors, Brian Tracy, says spend twice as much on half as much. It’s like if you were to buy a $10 shirt it would wear differently over time than a $50 shirt.  The quality would be lower and it would not last as long. You always get what you pay for. Higher quality food and meal replacements are going to cost more money than a shake that is sub-par.  This is the same for Shakeology, you get what you pay for, with over 70 ingredients, including 15 super foods, super dense nutrients, there is a reason it costs what it costs.  It is a meal that  takes care of all your vitamins, and often helps with many health conditions, yet still at a $130 price per month may still seem expensive to some. If this still seems like a burden to you I want to help you save money and get the benefits of Shakeology.

Having been in this business for over nine years, I am here to help you save money on the cost of Shakeology.  As a customer you are paying about $130 per month for Shakeology, plus tax and shipping, which quickly adds up to a total of $160, which is a lot of money.  One way you can save on Shakeology is you can be on home direct, which saves you shipping, charging you only $2 shipping cost. which you can cancel or change at any time.  Another way is to join as a Beachbody coach, which is Beachbody’s “name” for distributor.

As a coach/distributor there are no quotas or hidden charges just the benefit of lower pricing. You often hear people say I am just in it for the discount, whether it is with Doterra oils, Mary Kay, etc. it is the same for many Beachbody coaches.  If you are a coach you are going to save $30 per order for Shakeology, without having to do anything extra.  There is a $15 distributor fee for coaches, which still gives you a $15 savings on your Shakeology order. The total price comes out to about $4 per day without any other additional things to do as a coach.

If you would like to learn more about saving on Shakeology I would love to hear from you. Just email me:

(All above prices are in US Dollars)

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