Did you read the title? I have been with my Multi Level Marketing company Beachbody for nine years.

When I was approached with this opportunity, I had every thought you’ve ever had about having a home business, I went back and forth with every question for hours, you name it I thought it.

I’m a doubter by nature and not one to jump into anything, so when I was invited by my friend and mentor Christine Dwyer to attend a meeting regarding the network marketing opportunity with Beachbody, I was not immediately sold on the idea.

I told my then boyfriend, now husband, about what I knew of Beachbody thus far, like how people were making a full time income, working part time hours.

What really drew me into the business opportunity is: the harder you work the more money you make.

In most jobs there is a cap to how much money you can make, regardless of how hard you work.

Many of us grew up with the mindset that you get an education, work for a company for 40 years, and then retire. This is not a reality for many people now, companies offering retirement to employees are few and far between these days and many of us need more in order to be able to support ourselves, especially in hopes of retiring someday.

The fact that Beachbody was a health and fitness company that had a proven track record with proven systems, like P90X, was of interest to me being that I was already teaching fitness classes and certifications.

Beachbody had been in the industry since the nineties and was now developing their network marketing portion of the company. This kind of business is based on residual income, and being that it was a well known business it seemed like it was a good opportunity.

Think of it as an online franchise, with well known name with proven systems, everything you need for success, including programs that were well known to the public. All you have to do is plug into the system, put it into motion and show up.

It’s like you have a piece of the pie with Beachbody, where they do all the marketing and systems, and you just need to show up and work your business. Basically, you are purchasing a right to this business.

It is a lot like a workout, if you put in the work you are going to get results. Same can be said for network marketing companies, approximately 95% of people who join these companies fail due to the fact that they don’t treat it like a business.

When looking at the business opportunity I was a couple hundred thousand dollars in debt, coming from some bad financial decisions, credit cards, and a house that went upside down due to the housing crash in 2008.

At the time, I was working 60-70 hours a week between my full time job, teaching fitness classes and doing fitness certifications on the weekend, and didn’t know how much longer my body could keep up that pace.

By no means am I saying I was not paid well while working for Bret and Chalene Johnson’s company, Powder Blue Productions, I was paid very well but the debt I had gotten myself into was way out of what I could pay off. Bret and Chalene Johnson, my mentors and friends, have taught me everything I know regarding how to treat people and run a business.

I am so grateful I did not listen to the naysayers who did not believe in the possibilities of the coaching business and what it could actually do for those people who are willing to work it. After being in the business for two years I had paid off my debt with my earnings from Beachbody.

I want to go back to the topic of residual income, in the beginning there is a lot of time involved with little money coming in, but soon the table begins to turn and the money starts to increase. As you continue to work your business the foundation is built and you will continue to build upon this and the money will increase even though the time put in is the same.

For the people that were in this before me, who had at least eight people on their team, were making an average of $20,000 per year. Hearing this my ears perked up and I knew I could find eight people that wanted to lose weight, get healthy, or needed to pay off debt. Like I said before, in only two years I had paid off my extreme debt and was making more than I was working full time in my regular job.

Nine years later, we are living the life we want to live; not dictated by a boss or by a job that dictates when and where I need to be daily. My goal in the beginning of this was to pay off debt, then my next goal was to start a family; meaning my husband or myself would need to retire.

Now, accomplishing both those goals with both my husband and I working this business from home and raising our family together, I needed to figure out the next goal for myself.

Today I want to help others find a way out to live a life free from the stress that so many people face these days. My why has changed from getting out of debt, to retiring from corporate jobs and start a family, and now that we have achieved these, what’s next?

I want people to experience the peace that I know now. I want people who want the same things as I do, that are go-getters and know in their heart that there are people that could use your help. If you are the type of person that can work from a list and make things happen this business is for you.

It makes me so happy that I can help people find peace in their lives, financially and with their health. Having an online business means you can connect with people outside of your immediate location and we are not restricted by our location.

Shoutout to some of my mentors Christine Dwyer, Chalene & Bret Johnson, Craig Holliday, Eric Worre, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, and Darren Hardy who have influenced me tremendously in business and in my life.

If you are watching this and are not yet a Beachbody coach and you need to get out of debt, make some extra money, need some positivity or maybe everyday you go to work and it just seems to suck the life out of you… I would love to talk with you. Let’s have a conversation-shoot me a message and let’s talk.

If you want more information on how YOU can earn as a Beachbody Coach, set up a call with me. I would love to help you see if it’s a good fit for you, too: https://fitfinancesinc.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

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