Importance of Accountability

Let us talk about the importance of accountability and having someone there to help hold you accountable for your personal health and fitness goals. If this is a new journey for you, asking someone to help hold you accountable can be a bit frightening because we don’t like to let other people down, right? Well, that is the whole basis of why we need accountability partners and people to help us soar.

On average, people who have accountability partners lose up to ten pounds more than someone who works out on their own. That’s a pretty good statistic. Additionally, the American Journal on Health Behavior says that people who work out with a partner actually experience a much better exercise plan with more energy and less fatigue.

When you have somebody helping to hold you accountable, perhaps someone that is going to meet you at the gym, you are far more likely to reach your goals than if you were just doing it on your own. And why do you think that is?

Well… think about it. If somebody has an appointment with you to meet at the gym today, more than likely, you will show up because somebody is waiting for you. It’s just one of those things where it will definitely help you reach your goals even faster.

Now, let’s pretend. What if the people in our immediate circle are not the ones who are as supportive as we’d like? Sometimes when we choose to make this change, we feel like we’re an island. There’s a solution to that.

Did you know that an online workout partner is just as effective as an in-person workout partner? That’s right. Having somebody that you can be held accountable to and that you can help as well online is just as effective as if you were to physically be meeting someone at the gym each day. Keep that in mind because one of the things you can do online is help people each and every day connect with one another.

If you really want some great results, then definitely build in some accountability to your life. If it can’t be somebody who is physically there with you in the gym each time, then go for an online accountability partner.

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