What is Fit Finances

You may have seen the emblem before on many of my posts and videos or you may have heard me talk about the name of my company, Fit Finances. Let me go back to how and why I came up with this name and why I eventually became incorporated.

I have been a Beachbody distributor since 2008 and a couple years into the business after I was making a significant income, my good friend and mentor, Bret Johnson told me I should really look into becoming incorporated. His advice was to create a company that all my Beachbody earnings would go into. His name might sound familiar to you, if you know of Chalene Johnson, Bret is her husband and both of them have had a huge impact on my life, especially in business. I was fortunate enough to work for them as Vice President of their former company, Powder Blue Productions.

The reason to become incorporated is to protect yourself financially and to help yourself at tax time. When my business started to take off and my team became more successful I knew becoming incorporated was a good idea. Let me tell you why if you are making a significant income in a home business, or any type of business for that matter, the top two reasons it makes sense to incorporate.

First it makes tax time easier. If you are an independent contractor or work for yourself there are so many tax benefits to becoming incorporated. You can write off many things, of course you need to check your local state laws to see what is acceptable and legal, but the benefits are huge.

Second is to protect yourself with regards to your money. If you have substantial earnings from your own business you want this separate from your personal funds. For instance, if you were to get into an “at fault” accident and your funds were all co-mingled the person could get money from both your business and your personal accounts. You don’t want to have your personal funds and business funds mixed together for many reasons.

Going back to how I came up with the name Fit Finances Inc., some people think I am a financial advisor, I am not. I am a Beachbody coach, but I am so much more than that, I am a group fitness coach and I like to do online fitness coaching as well. What is beyond that is what I really love to do, I love to teach people how to do this business, this is what feeds my soul and what invigorates me.

I love helping people live the life of their dreams in helping them create the schedule they want. So when I was coming up with the company name I wanted it to represent all aspects of what Beachbody means to me. When I was brought into this business by Christine Dwyer, of Platinum Presenters, we were coming up with a name for our tour to present the opportunity to others and came up with the name Physically & Financially Fit.

This tour included my mentor Craig Holliday, whom I contribute much of my network marketing success to and was designed to give people an overview of what Beachbody has to offer as a multi-level marketing company. We are the nutrition, the workout programs, free coach support and accountability, but what people forgot was the financial solution that we offer as well. Beachbody is the total package offering something for everyone.

So when thinking about my own company name some years later I thought back to our brainstorming sessions and came up with Fit Finances. Yes working out and being in good physical shape is fantastic, but I really wanted my business to reflect the strong financial side of this business. Think about what you want your life to look like. What do you want your family’s life to look like? I wanted my company name to represent how you can completely change your life by taking control of your finances.

There are a few things I did when I realized how much debt I was in. This was pre Beachbody in 2007 when I went through an awful divorce. I ended up in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. The first thing I did was to figure out the total dollar figure of the debt I had. Knowledge is power and I had to know what I was really dealing with before I could come up with a plan.

Now, I had to figure out how much it really took me to live and really how many extra classes I could teach, or overtime I could work and I realized it would take me over ten years to pay off the debt. I made very good money at the time working as Vice President for Bret and Chalene Johnson’s company and knowing that my body could not handle teaching extra fitness classes at night and extra trainings on the weekends, I knew I was going to need another option.

So after being invited to a meeting by Christine Dwyer regarding the Beachbody opportunity, I decided an online business might be an option for me to help get me out of the severe debt I had acquired through my divorce. I didn’t believe in home businesses, I thought most of them were scams. I went into the meeting and all my questions were answered, yet I was still skeptical.

Everything you’ve thought about home based business, I guarantee I thought it too. I thought to myself, sure all these other people can do it, but can I do it? It’s a question so many people say to themselves, but I say why not you?

I decided to give it a shot and after two years in the business I was able to pay off all my debt with the money I earned with Beachbody. All this while helping people with their health and fitness goals, financial goals, helping them spend more time with their kids. I get to mentor people on a daily basis, while helping them have less stress in their lives, all while cheering on my team and celebrating their successes along the way.

When was the last time you walked into your office and were cheered on just for being there, I can tell you that our team environment is that way, we celebrate each other and help each other through our team calls and other events. Shout out to those of you on Team Fit Finances that have stepped out on faith and helped people with their goals and made some money while doing so.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, everyone brings their own personal background and skills to their Beachbody business. People think that because I was in the health and fitness industry, teaching classes and certifying instructors that it was easy for me, it is not necessarily the case.

What does Fit Finances Inc. mean to me? It represents a chance, being debt free, college funds. To me it represents an opportunity to take control of your finances and your life, health, fitness and your stress level. How much time do you get to spend with your husband, wife or your kids?

I know for me, my husband and I did not start a family til after we were in this business, and it has afforded us the ability to stay home with our children and work while they are napping and during free time. We know that being their primary caregivers during these years is so important in their development and soon they will be off to school, so what time we have with them now is vital to their development.

Such a small investment of only fifteen dollars a month to be in this business can literally make you millions. You do however need two things to help you become successful in this business. First, you need a strong upline, the person and people above you to help you learn and grow your business. Second, you need someone to care enough to work with you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself, not necessarily those that they think you want.

Fit Finances is my company. It is my team. It is my life.

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