How to Be An Awesome Fitness Instructor

Hi! I’m coming to you with another quick tip regarding becoming a fantastic fitness instructor. I get questions all the time regarding how to pick music that will allow you to better be able to cue your class. One of the most critical skills in learning how to master cueing is that you have to know music.

You have to be able to hear the beat of the music and also be able to count the music in a certain way geared towards group fitness. Think back to every instructor you have ever had, the ones that really stand out can effectively lead you through the class and let you know what is coming up next.

A lot of this has to do with the music being used for group fitness classes. This is not something that you can do with every song, meaning not all songs can be used for group fitness classes. There is a special formula, called a 32 count phrase, that is used in fitness classes. This doesn’t mean as instructors we are counting to 32, it means that there are four counts of eight.

When you are first learning to count in groups of eight, there is an app that I recommend that has music made specifically with this formula. It is called Power Music, download it and you can start listening to the music, this is what I use for all my classes, and it is made for group fitness.

Once you start listening and counting sets of eight, you will begin to hear when it builds. On the fourth set of eight you will feel the music naturally build and that is what your class will feel as well. As you become more familiar with counting the phrases in the music, your ability to cue will also become easier.

Download the Power Music app and practice counting eights and from there you can start to feel the music, you will be able to identify the 32 count phrases as they build. As you master the music, you will better be able to lead your class and become a great fitness instructor.

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