5 Ways to Build Confidence to Reach Your Goals

Holly HiermanYou set some great goals, you are excited but somehow, you always fall short after a few weeks and never achieve them. Does this sound like you? Let’s be honest… We’ve all been there! Often, our intention is to pursue our goals fearlessly and passionately but unfortunately, distractions or our current belief systems may cause us to slow down our progress or completely sabotage our intentions.

I believe it is important to be prepared for success.  Having a blueprint or plan of action will help you achieve your goals.  Knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there will give you the confidence you need and I want to help set you up for success with 5 great tips!

1) Take control of your calendar:

  • Create a daily task list, every day
  • Outline each day to “carve out” time for you to work on your goal a little each day
  • Prioritize – Important to identify and accomplish your 3 most important daily activities
  • If you’re a “yes” person, Learn how to say NO  so you don’t overextend yourself
  • Identify bad habits or time suckers to stay away from.

2) Networking:

  • Create a group of people whom to network and collaborate with
  • Seek out like-minded individuals that will help keep you on track
  • Stay connected to positive people with similar goals (accountability)

3) Write it down:

  • Keep a journal and write down all of your goals
  • Document your progress – Success Leaves Tracks!

4) Mentor with someone who:

  • Has a positive outlook and spin on things
  • Is self motivated and promotes personal development
  • Has had similar results you desire

5) Be consistent on core activities for your immediate goal:

  • Make sure your activities are congruent with your current goals
  • Bite sized pieces – Just a little each day will create the BIG success, if you stick to it!

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