Do you feel like you say yes to things even when you know it isn’t the right thing. Do you over commit yourself in business or your personal life? Often we are busy being busy and not designing the life we deserve. Take time to figure out what your life would look like when your time was focused on your own priorities. So often we take on too many jobs/projects/activities, that there isn’t enough time for your top priorities. There are so many reasons why we say yes to people and various situations, when we know it isn’t honoring our true self. We say yes for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Need recognition
  • Want to be liked
  • Want credit
  • Want to belong to a group
  • This opportunity might never come again
  • Need to please
  • Don’t want conflict
  • Might mean more money
  • Feeling of guilt or obligation
  • Need to do more
  • Don’t think anyone will do it well enough

Any of these “reasons” why we take more on than we should, just steal the focus away from our true selves. Make time for the things that are most important to you and your priorities, it will take time to learn to say no, but will pay off for you and your future. Saying no does not mean you don’t care about certain things, it just means you care more about the things/people that you have said yes to that deserve your time. You have made your choices/decisions based on your priorities and not necessarily on other people’s priorities. It may take awhile for the people around you to figure out that you have stopped saying yes to everything and only saying yes to things that are true to you. When you live your life with integrity, opportunities will come your way. Your life is meant to be lived by and for you and your priorities. This may not always please those around you but be true to yourself and they will respect you and your decisions. Believe in abundance and stay true to what you know is right for you.

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