Give Yourself Permission To Rise

What does success look like to you? Do you feel successful or have you settled into a routine that made you put your dreams on hold? Think about the dreams and goals you have for your life, have you reached them all? Have you pushed some aside, have you settled or don’t feel you deserve anything else or better? Brendon Burchard, author, and motivational speaker, often speaks on the topics of success and performance at the next level. He reminds us to always look beyond our current circumstances, if you want to become more you must raise your ambitions and refuse to settle. The past is behind you, leave it there and focus on what you can do today to have success in your future. Is it setting aside more time to work your side business? Is it exercising on a more consistent basis? Is it something related to a personal goal that always seemed so out of reach?

Look at the people around you, who are the people you consider successful? Are they really any different than you? Many of us don’t believe we deserve success, why is that? We put off creating the life we desire, we are scared of the unknown, afraid of change, we just go through the days/years and settle for where we are in life at this moment. Success comes to those who believe in themselves, live in the present, and work towards the future. This can relate to all areas of your life including; career, personal, as well as financial. Make sure everything you do today is setting you up for future success.

You must dream bigger than you think is possible, if your dream is not bigger than you then you’re dreaming too small. Start where you are, make the decision that you deserve success and don’t look back, always move forward. Just remember… you are never called to serve at a higher level (become more successful) if you don’t look at what’s possible. Every day is a new chance to wake up and decide to be better and do better!

Dream bigger than you think is possible! Believe in yourself! Give yourself permission to rise!

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