Avoid Holiday Overeating

The holidays are here!!! And so are those Holiday Parties 🙂 Whether it’s a family party or a work party, the temptation to overeat is EVERYWHERE!! Here is a list of 5 tips created just for you to avoid overeating at holiday parties!


  • Plan ahead!! Having a plan before you get to a holiday event can help you control what and how much you’re going to eat!! If you’ve eaten healthy all day, (which I hope is the case), then maybe when dinner roles around it’s just about portion control. DON’T starve yourself all day just so you can “pig out” at the party…not a smart idea. If you are more of a visual person, write down the smart food choices you will be making. It’ll keep you more accountable and help you in achieving your goals!
  • Drink a glass of water before you eat. Water takes up space and is calorie-free.And if it helps, drink a couple of glasses before you even arrive. It could help so that you don’t overdo in the appetizer department also! Yes, you may have to use the ladies room, but isn’t that better than overeating? 😉
  • Eat slowly and wait 20 minutes before you go back for seconds or dessert. Your brain needs a chance to catch up, so to speak. It takes 15-20 mins before your brain realizes you’ve eaten. And hopefully by the time you feel satisfied, you’ll decide having a second helping of pasta isn’t such a good idea. Or that chocolate cake might not look so good anymore.
  • Avoid drinking too many cocktails or glasses of wine. Alcohol and mixers contain a lot of empty calories, as do sodas and too many fruit juices. Try to stick with flavored water or tea. That’ll cut the calories for sure!
  • Indulge wisely! Allow yourself some of those must-have treats. Especially if it’s something you’re looking forward to all year long. Don’t overdo it, but have a reasonable, rewarding amount of the holiday foods you enjoy!

Remember, this time of year is a fun time of year! Just because something looks good in the buffet line, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to eat it. Trust me, when you wake up the next day and you don’t feel like a stuffed turkey, you’ll be much happier with yourself! And just because you’re at a special event, it doesn’t mean the calories don’t count!

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Happy Eating…oh, and Happy Holidays 🙂

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