15 Follow Up Tips

There are many different ways to follow up with people to build your business and help
others achieve their goals. Follow up with people/customers with these 15 tips.

  1. Never assume that silence means people are not interested – Think about how
    many times you look at something before responding or purchasing. People have
    a lot of information coming at them daily, just because it is at the top of your
    mind does not necessarily mean it is at the top of someone else’s mind. Don’t
    give up on someone due to their lack of response, people get busy and may just
    need an extra message from you in order to respond.
  2. Get their attention – Make sure that you are bringing yourself to the top of their
    minds. Do this by using social media, along with personal texts and emails.
    Commenting on Facebook posts and posting to someone’s Facebook wall are
    effective and does not necessarily need to be business related to get their
  3. Send a “Did you get it message?” – Do this by text/email/facebook.
    Sometimes we look at messages without responding so remind them to get back
    to you.
  4. Use the scripts – Use what works-don’t reinvent the wheel. Change them to
    make more personal/make them sound like “you” These give you ideas of how
    and when to send messages.
  5. 7-10 times! – Someone needs to be exposed to something 7-10 times before
    responding/purchasing. Just remember you are not being “pushy” if you are
    offering something that is helping that person. *Follow ups can just be a
    message asking how they are doing, remember they are buying into you as a
    person along with the opportunity you are offering them.
  6. Be interested in them and their life – Make sure you are aware of what is going
    on in their lives at this moment. This goes back to them buying into you as a
    person, not just what it is you have to offer.
  7. Go back to their “why” – Why do they want to do this? What did they tell you
    was the reason they wanted to do this. Why do they want to do this? Peel back
    the layers of their “why”. The only way you are going to be able to help them is to
    get to the true reason they want to do this with you.
  8. End every message with a question. – Make sure that it is not an open-ended
    question. Make it a yes or no question.
  9. Never say “Let me know” – Always end with a yes or no question. Give them
    some information and then ask them what is a good way to get them started.
  10. Give 2 options when trying to get them to the next step – Give them two
    options and let them choose which one is better for them. For example “I have a
    7 day slimdown coming up” or I can get you information on 21 day challenge
    starting on..” That way they will choose from one of the two.
  11. Use the words “Let’s get you started” or “Have you ever considered” – To get
    people to the next step towards their goal use these two phrases instead of using
    phrases like are you ready to sign up etc. People sometimes have negative
    connotations relating to the words “buy” and “signed up”
  12. Create urgency – Have start dates and registration deadlines and work from
    calendar dates. You can go to people and tell them that registration is closing
    soon for next group.
  13. Remember you don’t need them-they need what you have to offer – People
    can sense if you sound desperate. People need our help to figure out that they
    need this. We are here to encourage them.
  14. What’s in it for them?-Keep the focus on them
  15. Just be their friend – Don’t disappear on them and only show up again when
    promoting challenge groups. Be around for them and when the time is right you
    will be there to help them reach their goals.

At the core of your business is your compassion and willingness to connect with people
and help them reach their goals. Remember why you started and use the above tips to
help follow up with people who need what you have to offer.

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