What You Need to Know to Start a Home-Based Business

Hi, my name is Holly Hierman, CEO of Fit Finances. Thanks for watching this video today!

I am going to talk to you today about one of my deepest passions, and that is: home-based businesses. Now, it seems like they’re popping up everywhere. Everybody’s got something going on on the side these days….and why not? Right?
Retirement seems to be disappearing from most companies so we have to have a way to protect our future, to protect our assets, and not only that but just to have a little something in the bank! College fund, retirement funds, vacations funds, fun money period. Maybe you’re looking to completely retire from your full time gig and start something on the side. We’ve found that just within a couple years, if you’re plugged in and have the right guidance, you can definitely earn a full time income working part time hours. By just dedicating a little bit of time; 1-2 hours each and every day, you can start to earn a full time income with part time hours and then start living the dream of your life, whatever that may be.

So, that’s why I’m passionate about home-based businesses. I love doing what I do and today I’m going to give you my top three tips on how you can be successful in a home-based business. These are three things that typically stop people from starting. You’ve probably heard that said before, “It’s the start that stops you.” It’s kind of like when you create a New Year’s Resolution, a lot of times the problem is just getting started. It’s just getting off the ground. Like for instance, if you’ve ever had a weight loss goal, it’s just a matter of making yourself start, that sometimes, that’s what stops you. So, I’m really hoping that my three tips will 1) help you get started right away in the right direction and then 2) will also help you to avoid some of the mistakes that I made in the past.

So, the first thing that I want to recommend is that you find a system and duplicate it. Network marketing, and what works, has not changed for the last 30-40 years. Now, we have other technologies that have been introduced, but the basic understanding of what makes a network marketer successful has not changed for decades. So, the pitfall here is most people, when they first start their home-based businesses, will try to reinvent the wheel. They are gonna try to, (maybe) “I’m gonna develop a website”, even if you’ve never developed a website before, “I’m gonna start blogging”, and you’ve never blogged before, or “I’m gonna become a nutrition expert” even though that’s not you. SO, what I want to ask you to do is, please just remember to keep your blinders on, stay focused, just do what works, do what duplicates. There is a reason that Starbucks is successful, and they are everywhere! It’s because they have a proven system that they simply duplicate. They do not let every Starbucks decide how to create a latte. It literally is a system and that’s why they are successful. They have it down pat.

So, that’s the biggest advice I can give to you there. Duplication.

The second tip I have for you is personal development. You cannot have more, become more, be better if you are not feeding your mind with positivity, if you’re not educating yourself. Once you make the mind-shift from this is just a little hobby into I want this to be a career and I’m a business owner, once you make that mind-shift, then you automatically have an obligation to personal development. You have an obligation to give yourself a college education in how to be successful as a network marketer, and the only way to do that is through reading and listening to audio programs, and making sure that you’re doing that every single day. So think about it, if you decide to go to college to become a doctor does that just happen magically or do you have to take courses, is there training involved, is there an order in the way of doing things? Absolutely! And then, you have to stay up with it. You have to stay up to date. So, just like any other career option I want you to think of network marketing as a profession, and this is your new career. The beautiful news is, the buy in is so low. Most books you can get on Amazon for a couple bucks these days, and a lot of audio programs, and audio trainings are completely free to you. So, the training tools that you’ll need to get a lot of times you’re gonna find for free, or very, very inexpensive, but the rewards will be huge for you.

Now my third tip is this, take a deep breath….it’s probably the hardest one: Is you need to accept responsibility for where you’re at, at all times. So if you’re successful, great. It’s your doing. If you’re not. It’s your doing. You have to take responsibility for where you are in your life, for where you are in your business, and for where you’re going. So, no longer can it be outside, external forces. No longer can it be, I don’t have the time because my boss this or I don’t have the time because my kids that or I have all of these things that happen to me. Every single human on the planet has the same amount of time in their day and it all comes down to whether somebody is successful or unsuccessful is are you willing to take responsibility for the amount of time that you have? And are you willing to set aside the time necessary in order for you to build the future that you want to build?

So, these are my first tips for you. The first, or course is duplication. The second is personal development. You need to be developing yourself in order to reach your full potential. And then of course the third tip that I have for you is to be willing to accept responsibility. If anyone is to blame at anything, it’s always gotta come back to you. Even if you’re not to blame I want you to do your absolute best to find a way where you can take the power back and turn a lemon into lemonade. We all have the same amount of time in a day, and I encourage you to decide where you want to be in the next 5 – 10 years. Many, many network marketers are extremely successful within just a couple of focused years that’s if they focus one to two hours every single day, doing the right duplicable actions.

So, thank you so much. I hope this video served you, and I will talk to you soon. Please feel free to comment below. Have a great day.

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