How to Title Your Videos to Rank in Google

Hey! Holly Hierman here! I wanna show you something really cool for naming your videos.

Now here’s the deal, when you load a video to YouTube, it is connected, as you may or may not know, to Google or your Gmail account. That means that Google owns YouTube. A lot of times when you do a Google search, a lot of things that come up are YouTube videos. So the cool thing about naming your videos so that they rank higher in a Google search, is that you actually can control how your videos get ranked.

One of the ways to do this is by you, yourself typing in something into Google in order to figure out how to name your videos. Let me say that in a little different way…in order to figure out how you should be naming your videos, then what you want to do is a simply Google search! Like I said before, they are linked!

How you’re naming your videos and the descriptions you are putting in your videos and the tags that you’re are using it really DOES matter! And that’s how people can rank so highly in Google searches with their YouTube videos.

I’m going to give you a quick example right now! Say for instance, I’m making a video about how to make money online and I’m talking about the MLM that I’m involved in. Now I could choose a really fancy name like, “How I went from flat broke to millionaire within four years.” But here’s the deal…

Nobody is sitting down and typing in, “How Holly went from flat broke to millionaire in four years!” Nobody is typing that into a Google search. So a better title is something that people are literally searching themselves! So here we go, I’m putting myself in the searcher’s shoes. I’m putting them in my frame of mind and trying to remember what it was when I was trying to find a solution to my problem. I was totally flat broke. I had no money but I knew I needed to do something to get out of debt.

Therefore, some of the things I would type would be “how to…” Let’s see, look at that, one of the first things that comes up…”How to make money.” Isn’t that interesting?

Let’s say I already know in my head I want to start a business. Let’s see,,,”How to start a business.” Look at that!

Let me explain the reason that these pop up. It’s because these are what people are typing in the most. So someone who types in, “how to start a…” The very next word that most people in the world are typing in is blog. “How to start a blog!” The second thing is “How to start a business.” So you know that this is a good starting point. I’m gonna keep going with that.

Look at that! The next thing that comes up is “How to start a business in California.” So wouldn’t it be smart of me to name my video something along the lines of, “How to start a business” or “How to start a business in California?” Or look at number four on the list, boom, boom, boom, boom, if you’re an MLM then this is a great tip for you! “How to start a business online!” Oh my gosh!!

So I’m gonna take it a step further because remember I was flat broke but I knew I needed to do something! I’m gonna type in, with…look at that! Look at what comes up. Because in my head I’m thinking, I’ve got no money but I need to start a business to get out of debt. Look at this, “How to start a business with no capital.” “How to start a business without money in India,” That is interesting that that’s second most searched term. The third thing is “How to start a business with no money,” and “How to start a business with bad credit.”

Now don’t you think that that would be a much, much better title for my video than “How Holly Hierman went from flat broke to millionaire in four years.” Right? Because nobody’s sitting down and searching my name. The majority of people in the world are not searching where I came from or how I got there. That might sound like a cool title but in actuality, what you wanna do when you’re titling your YouTube videos is you wanna make sure that they’re strong Google searches. You’ll know that because you’re gonna start by typing in the information and it will autofill for you what the most searched terms are.

Let me give you another example. “How to lose weight…” Interesting! Look at what people are putting out there. The first one of course is, “How to lose weight.” “How to lose weight fast,” “How to lose weight fast for men” Also interesting, third most searched term and then “How to lose weight in a week.” So if you were trying to put together a video about how to lose weight, I would highly recommend using one of these top four because that is what people are most often typing into Google search.

Alright, thanks you guys! I hope that this was helpful. Have a great day!

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