Productivity Tip for You

One quick productivity tip for you today!  One might think that since I work from home, running an online business, that I  just stay in pajamas or sweats all day.  For me, pajamas and sweats don’t make me feel like working.   My productivity tip for entrepreneurs like myself, especially those that work from home, is to dress for the occasion, meaning dress for work, even if you aren’t leaving the house.

This morning after taking my boys on a walk, I took a quick shower and put on a cute dress that I know makes me feel good and ready to work.   It was while working at Powder Blue Productions for Bret and Chalene Johnson that I learned firsthand about dressing for your mindset.  Even though we were a workout based company and rarely had other people come into the office, former owners Bret and  Chalene wanted us to dress nice in the office.  When you dress for business or work, you tend to be more productive than if you just put on something comfy like sweats.

When you are dressed and feel confident, the rest of your day will follow. Think about how different clothes make you feel and how different you carry yourself when you are wearing certain clothes.  Or how your confidence level changes in different outfits, we all have those certain outfits that make us feel good and ready to take on whatever the day has in store for us.   I have found that my work from home style definitely affects my productivity mindset. Author, Personal Development Speaker and mentor for me (from afar), Brian Tracy, believes in the idea that if you dress for success your mindset will follow.

Dress so that you feel confident and the work you do will exude the same confidence!

Have a great day!  Holly

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