How to Overcome Fear in Sales


Holly Hierman -CEO Fit Finances

How to Overcome Fear in Sales

Fear is an unpleasant emotion that something or someone is going to cause you pain or is a threat.

One big worry when talking about your product to people, is that they will think you are trying to sell them something. Well…you are! Let that worry go.

Rather than worry about what people are thinking you need to believe in what you are selling. Believe that it’s going to benefit the person you are talking with. If you don’t believe in your product then, yes, it’s going to be awkward and you’ll feel like you are trying to sell. Making a profit is never a bad thing when it’s based on honesty. It is bad if your are misleading, taking advantage or deceiving.

Another fear is that you won’t know what to say or that you might say something wrong. People want to hear about how you feel about the product. They are less concerned with the details right away; that comes later. When they want to know the details make sure you are educated on your product. That way you will never have to worry about not having anything to say.

Believe in your product, say how you feel about it and always speak from a helpful place. Follow these guidelines and you will see your fear of selling disappear.

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