5 Daily Tasks for Your Business

Let’s go back to basics on what we should be doing everyday because this is where people fail when building their business. First and foremost, you need to carve out time each day to work your business. In the beginning of building my business I had to find different pockets of time because I was working a full time job. Look at what are things you are willing to cut out in order to find time to work. Are there certain things you are willing to sacrifice in order to find the time? It could be TV time or possibly give up your girl’s night out. You have to block out time and schedule it, even if it is at different times everyday, you need to know when you are going to be working. Second, you need to know what you will be doing before you sit down to work. If you don’t have a plan you will waste a lot of your time figuring out what you should be doing. There are five certain things you should be doing everyday that will benefit your business.

Here are five things that you should be doing everyday to help you build your business.

  1. Read 10 pages a day​ – When we read our brain processes information differently. There are many books that will help you with personal development along with business help.
  2. Do a minimum of two invitations everyday​ – Think about it….if you do two invitations a day that equals over 700 a year. At this rate if you get 10% to come on board with you that is 70 people.
  3. Do a minimum of two follow-ups per day ​- Check in with at least two people that you have already invited, you never know when the right time is for people so just hearing from you at the right time is key.
  4. Add to your network​ – This means put at least one person on your contact page per day. Add their information (telephone/email) into your massive contact list. Don’t just count a new social media follower as a contact, you want their information on your own personal list.
  5. Training ​- This includes personal development along with team training.

Start with these five things a day and move on from there. If you block out time and know what you are going to do before you sit down your time will be well spent. Don’t get stuck in the knowledge track or sidetracked by other things. Focus on the basic five as listed above and I promise you your business will thank you.

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