The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make

Today we are going to talk about two mistakes that new network marketers make when they first join this industry. You’re part of this amazing industry! Network marketers, hands down, you have the BEST opportunity to become self-made millionaires. We have the most success financially then any other industry out there. As far as building and expanding a business and we get to do it all online, in our own time. It‘s an awesome business and I probably don’t have to convince you more about that.

Watch this video to see The Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make:

We’re gonna talk about two major roadblocks: things that stop network marketers from finally getting their businesses off the ground. Now, if you are new, then hopefully this video will serve you well. If you’ve been in the industry for a while, then please share with the people on your team and hopefully it will serve them well also.

The first roadblock that many new network marketers come up against is they get stuck in the knowledge trap. We feel, and I felt like this too, that’s one reason I can warn you against it because I have been there and I made so many mistakes, and I wanna make your road a little shorter. I wanna give you a shortcut. So we think that we need to first learn everything there is to know about the business, the compensation plan, all the products, all the programs, everything there is to offer BEFORE actually stepping out and starting to build the business. That is a HUGE trap to be a part of. Number one, because things will probably change in your organization frequently and you won’t be able to keep up with the changes. The second reason this is a really big trap to be in, is because most things you just can’t learn without actually doing them.

When you first learned to drive, did you only read about driving? Could you become an expert by simply learning everything, by simply learning everything first and then all of a sudden you got behind the wheel and you were comfortable and you were cool, collected and confident? No. How do we learn to drive? We learn to drive by doing! We learn to drive by making mistakes. It is one of those things where you actually, physically have to go through the motions in order to become comfortable and confident…by doing! And the same holds true with network marketing!

The second roadblock that stops many people before they actually get off the ground is they feel as though they need to build their own website. Now most network marketing companies out there already have websites in place for you.

Maybe five, ten years ago having an awesome website was critical to your business but nowadays websites go up and down so quickly and people are just looking for fast answers. They are looking for a relationship. They are looking for a way to get to know you! So I would say if you’re gonna pour any time into anything at all, it’s building your relationships, not building a website. That can come later.

For me personally, I didn’t even start to build my personal website until I had already been in network marketing for five years. And I already had an extremely successful business.

So how does that happen, you ask, if you don’t have a website? Well, it’s really simple. You’re part of a company and they’ve more than likely, provided a URL that you can sell your products through. Simply provide that when the time is right, when the sale is ready to be made. Because when was the last time a website actually made a sale anyway? It’s not usually the website! It’s the relationship of the person with the customer that they’re speaking to. THAT’S what ends up making the sale.

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