Motivational Tips for Being a Leader

Beginning any business requires an act of faith and courage; a bold leap into the unknown. Only one in ten people who want to start their own business ever develop enough courage to begin AND enough persistence to continue.

When you’re trying to motivate other people, there are some important factors to consider in order to be the most effective and motivational leader you can possibly be.

1. Speak to yourself like you’re the most motivational coach on the planet & you absolutely believe in your team of one! Tell yourself you will win!!! Believe in yourself first.

2. Self-development enables you to serve and to be more valuable to those around you. As a leader, you need to know your own strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively delegate what needs to be done.

3. Motivation alone is not enough. Consistency is key. Often times, motivation comes AFTER you put yourself in motion. If you model consistency, as a leader, those around you will see that and begin to follow suit.

4. Write down all the things you want for yourself. Then, when you feel weak and ready to break, go back over that list and let it drive you forward. There will be times of difficulty and if you can’t pull yourself through those times, how can you expect to motivate and lead others through challenges?

5. Get all of your important things done as early as possible so you can enjoy some downtime later today!  As a leader, it’s important to show how seriously you take your responsibilities and business.  If you don’t prioritize work over play, the ones you wish to lead won’t either.

6. Write it down! Keep & execute a daily to-do list! Get and stay organized so you know you’re not overlooking anything important.

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going” – Jim Ryun

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