Create Confidence From the Inside Out!

Fake it til you make it!

Ever heard that saying?

Well, it has some merit when it comes to confidence.  However, like most things, you get out what you put in.

You can put on the mask of false confidence but if you don’t work on yourself, to become the best YOU that you can be, that mask will eventually fall off.

Here are some strategies for building up your confidence from the inside out:

1. Identify bad habits – We all have them. Be honest with yourself. What habits should you break?

2. Help someone else – No strings attached. When you simply help for the sake of helping, it is its own reward.

3. Be a positive support – Let someone know what it is about them that you think is great. Encourage, support, motivate!

4. Read personal development books – Sometimes we just need a new perspective on an old problem. Personal development books can help you approach an old issue in a new way.

5. Listen to positive motivation – Just like hearing your favorite song can improve your mood, listening to positive motivation and affirmation can lift you up and spur you to keep going.

6. Be honest about your struggles – Everyone has struggles and internal demons they battle. you may find unexpected connections wit people you never would have discovered if you had never opened up.

7. Surround yourself with positive, happy people – Be with people who motivate you to be more and do more.

8. Educate yourself – So much information comes in little bite-sized pieces, it’s easy to take things out of context. Delve deeper and educate yourself on the things you care about.

9. Learn something new – We live in the Age of Information. Not every lesson needs to be an academic endeavor. Have you always wanted to learn how to juggle? Snow board? Play the piano? Love to cook? Photography? Go and do it!

10. Engage in the lives of your loved ones – It’s so easy to get caught up in our fast-paced lives but it is essential to pause the whirlwind of our days and spend genuine, quality time with the people we love.

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