Proper Footwear

Proper Footwear

You did it!  You have made fitness part of your lifestyle.  Have you noticed any pains?  Oftentimes pain stems from improper or overly used footwear.  The shoes you wear should be appropriate for the type of exercise you are doing.  In addition, keep track of how often you are wearing the shoes.  Shoe replacement is also key in preventing overuse injuries.

So what should you wear? 

Shop for shoes that match your activities.

Running Shoes
If you are running, buy running shoes.  Why?  When running, your foot lands heel first then rolls to ball of foot and toes.  In other words, you land heel, ball, then toe.  Running shoes are designed with a higher heel cushion to help support this movement.

Walking Shoes
These shoes are designed for forward motion and heel, ball, toes motion.  Not quite as cushioned as running shoes.  Key for a lower impact activity like walking.

Basketball Shoes
Purchase a basketball shoe that is a high top style to support your ankles.

Cross Trainers
Ideal for sculpting, weight training, or cardio workouts/classes.  These shoes provide support for movement in all directions.

Trail Shoes
Great for hiking and walking in outdoor coarser terrain.  These shoes grip better to prevent slippage.

As important as it is to wear shoes, it is equally important to take them off for mind/body workouts/classes.  Why?  To feel the ground and connect with the earth.  In addition, to work on balance and increase stability of ankles and feet.

Getting pains in the ankles, feet, or shins?  You may need to replace your footwear.  Overuse injuries like shin splints are often brought on by broken down footwear.  Also, do not wear workout shoes around town.  Only wear them for exercising and keep track of how long you have used them.

General guidelines for shoe replacement

Active – exercise 3 to 4 times a week.  Replace every 3 to 4 months.

Highly Active – exercise 5 to 7 times a week.  Replace every 2 to 3 months.

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