Do What You LOVE; LOVE What You Do

You want to make fitness a part of your lifestyle.  Others seem hooked.  How do they do it with a smile on their face?  It’s simple.  They are doing what they LOVE!  They love it so much they wouldn’t miss it.  Exercise is not a chore when you love what you do, it is a necessity.  It becomes a part of your culture; a part of your being.  It becomes a “must do” on your daily to-do list.

So how do you find what you LOVE?

Explore different Group Fitness classes

Why do it in a group?

o       FUN!!
o       Great music
o       More motivating
o       Offers variety
o       Social atmosphere
o       Community feel
o       Create a group fitness family
o       You  don’t have to “think” about what to do
o       You have a professional coach
o       Time goes by faster
o       Easier to adhere to a program
o       Variety – multiple formats to try and find what you LOVE

Explore different fitness facilities

Not sold on the group fitness classes at your current club?  Cannot find classes you LOVE?  No worries, try another facility.

o       Small studios – smaller community, smaller classes, tight knit community
o       Larger fitness clubs/chains – larger gyms, more classes, more variety, more people            in classes
o       Outdoors – explore outdoor classes.  Ex.  Yoga in the park, standup paddle                        boarding, hiking, mom groups.

Explore the Outdoors

Maybe group fitness classes are not for you.  Take your workout outdoors!

Go alone with some great music to motivate you, or grab a friend and make them your workout buddy!

o       Walk
o       Hike
o       Jog/run/walk
o       Cycle
o       Stairs
o       Yoga

Explore the Indoors

With the multitude of home workout DVDs on the market today, you are bound to find one you LOVE!  Enjoy a great workout in the privacy of our own home with the industries leading fitness experts.

o       Insanity
o       PX90
o       PiYo
o       Turbo….

You will find something you LOVE if you try all these options.  Once you are hooked, you are hooked for life.  That is all it takes to make fitness a part of your lifestyle.  You will do it when you LOVE it!  The feeling of the endorphins rushing through your body, and the smile on your face when you sweat is key.  With all we do in life, strive for LOVE.  Strive for FUN….enjoy!

New to working out? Check out my husband’s video on how to get started.

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