Ask yourself: Is today the day to make a commitment to start on your health and fitness journey?

Watch these testimonials of some people who have had tremendous results and progress from using our private online Facebook groups.

I did the workout group, lost 9.6 lbs AND met my goal of giving up soda for, not just the 30 days…still going!  Alisha

I loved having other people to share my day with.  I lost 13 pounds and 2 inches off my waist AND dropped 3 dress sizes.  Tammy

Being part of the workout group helped keep me accountable. It helped keep me focused and I was able to lose pounds as well as inches! YAY!  Brandi

Being in this workout group helped me gain confidence, get back on track with working out and eating right, and as an added bonus, I lost 1.25 inches from my waist, hips, and chest!!  Joan

My goal was to lose 3 inches off my waist, which I did. And I worked out 27 days during the challenge.  Kerry

I got more than I expected out of the challenge, knowing I have to log what I eat and do was such a great motivation, but the magic was the people. Can’t wait to go again!!  Kevin

The group has really shown me that once I make up my mind I can do anything.  I lost inches on my waist, chest, arms & gained the confidence I need to work out and get healthy.  Molly

My experience in the workout group was amazing. I have lost about 3 inches overall. My eating habits changed for the better and I have a lot more energy. Sabrina

The workout group was just what I needed to maintain the momentum of eating right and working out regularly.  I lost 2 inches on my chest, waist & hips – losing a whole size.  Susan

I lost 5 pounds during this challenge, with the combination of exercise and Shakeology. Having Shakeology in my life has made my cravings for certain foods disappear.  Taylor

Absolutely amazing results! I’m sure you were just as impressed as I was.  These groups WORK!  I know that it’s just online accountability but I’m telling you that these groups work! The proof is in just those few testimonials that you saw.

The results keep pouring in. The testimonials keep pouring in and I absolutely love running these groups.

If you think it’s time to be a part of a workout group, then I want to encourage you to join my next

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