Build a Positive Business

Holly Hierman 110
Starting a business can be scary. Where to start; what to sell; how to market, etc. The list goes on and on. Every successful business needs to have a solid foundation from which to build. Here are 3 steps to building a positive business:

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT It’s ongoing. If you want better things, you must first become better yourself. For example: If you’re trying to get a promotion and it requires a Master’s Degree, you wouldn’t get offended, you would just put in the work to acquire one. You need to invest time and money in to yourself to improve and grow as a person and ultimately make more $$$.

FINDING TIME Evaluate your time like your money. You have a time budget. When creating your time budget, consider the following:

People – Identify the important people in your life who you spend your time with.

Current Career – How many hours do you work each week? When are your breaks?

Free Time – How do you spend it? Can that free time be used differently?

Physical Environment – Create an organized, clutter-free space to work in. Are the people around you motivating and encouraging or are they a distraction?

VISUALIZATION, BELIEF, INTENTION What is your mindset? Do you believe in the possibility/eventuality of your success? How is your self talk? Do you encourage yourself and remind yourself that you CAN or are you your own worst enemy? Do you reject the sale yourself by eliminating people (assuming they will say no)? You may be surprised at who says yes. Let them decide for themselves.

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