How To Attract People

Start with yourself- your personal goals. Make yourself someone who YOU would be attracted to.

This isn’t about being physically attractive.  Be attractive in your personality and activities.

So…how do you attract people?


– You gotta be real!  Share the good and the bad. Be honest. People need to be able to relate to you.  If all you present is a perfect image, that can be intimidating and off-putting.

– Show people they can do what you’re doing by sharing your experiences. You can’t share what you’re NOT doing.


– Be interested in what people have to say.  You need to LISTEN!
– “FORM” them: Ask questions about their Family, Occupation, Recreation activities, Message (your message comes last!)
– Let people finish their sentence then wait (count to 3). Most likely they will continue talking and share more about themselves.


– Put valuable info out there. Share posts that will engage and interest people. Pay attention to which posts get the most likes.
– Go through your FB page and Instagram… Would you be friends with you? Would you stop to read or view the posts or would just keep scrolling?
– Pick 5 categories to share and consistently post about those things. Determine you interests, focus and passion. Post regularly about those things. Passion speaks loudly and gets people’s attention.

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