10 Things to Know about Working Out and Getting Fit

Congratulations! You’re ready to start eating better and working out.  You’re determined to get in better shape and get fit – but…where do you start? How do you know you’re heading in the right direction?

Here are 10 things you need to know about working out and getting fit:

  1. To turbo-charge your calorie burn, incorporate strength training at least 2 times a week. It will charge your metabolism so you’ll burn calories for up to 38 hours after your workout.
  2. Increase your metabolism by eating smaller meals more frequently, building muscle, and adding more lean protein to your diet.
  3. Your body needs a day off from an exercise routine, so don’t hesitate to take a day off & don’t feel guilty about it!
  4. Work out first thing in the morning. Top producers work get their work outs done in the morning before the stress and distractions of the day have a chance to get in the way. The endorphins you get from a workout help make you more positive, energetic and creative, which will propel your day.
  5. To avoid injury replace your gym shoes regularly. Write the date of purchase on the inside tongue to remember when it’s time to buy new ones. Seriously! Having the proper shoes makes a difference.
  6. Why does everyone need to lift weights? Muscle is 3 times more efficient at burning calories than fat!!!
  7. The average person underestimates their caloric intake by 40% & overestimates what they burn.
  8. When we’re hungry, we grab the first thing available. Plan & prep your meals the night before or if you have an especially busy schedule, do one big food prep, once a week and have all your meals ready to go for several days in a row.

If you’re counting calories & exercising but not seeing any results on the scale? Monitor your measurements. Even though the pounds may not be dropping off yet, your measurements will change.

Don’t Skip Meals! Schedule each time you eat and make it at least every 3-4 hours! Starvation is NOT the answer.  You must eat to be healthy.

New to working out? Check out my husband’s video on how to get started

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