10 Nutrition Tips

Nutrition is an incredibly important part of your health. Many of the top health concerns in the US which can lead to death can easily be managed by diet. Things like heart disease and diabetes.

It may be easy to recognize the dangers of a poor diet, however it can often be difficult to know how to make better decisions and incorporate a healthier diet into your lifestyle. I’ve put together some guidelines for you…

  1. Choose food in its most natural state as often as possible.  Whole, raw, unprocessed.
  2. Follow a 40/30/30 rule. 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat.
  3. Taper your carbs after lunch. Eat a healthy dose in the morning (such as steal cut oats and fresh fruits) and some at lunch (whole grain bread instead of white bread for your sandwich). After that eat a minimal amount.
  4. Don’t eat the white stuff! White rice, white potatoes, white bread, white sugar, etc. Get your carbs from veggies, fruits, and a little from whole grains.
  5. Eat 5 times a day.  Depending on your size and activity level eat  300-350 calories per meal. (Guys will need to up this amount)
  6. Drink more water! Simple.
  7. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. When you sleep your body rests, resets and balances out your hormones. When you don’t sleep well your hormones don’t get back to their normal state. Consistently not sleeping enough will catch up to you and you will put on body fat.
  8. Don’t go to sleep full. It’s not good to go to bed while your body is digesting food. During sleep your body needs to rest and repair. If you go to sleep full, your body will spend it’s time digesting food before it starts on the rest and repair.
  9. Batch cook/ meal prep. When you’re hungry you grab the first thing that you see. If you have healthy meals already prepared you are going to have an easier time of staying on track with healthy eating.
  10. Eat as soon as possible after working out. You just placed stress (good stress!) on your body and depleted its resources.  You need to refuel with good, healthy food.

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