How to Keep Up with a Workout Program

Today I want to talk to you about  my absolute musts in keeping up with your workouts. It’s so difficult to know what is going on with your body when you start a workout program, especially when you expect to be feeling more energetic and stronger and your body is feeling something different.  I was on the fence for so many years about taking supplements, all the while thinking I can just eat healthy and get everything my body needs through food. Now that I have been in the fitness/wellness business for over eight years, along with teaching fitness classes since the year 2000, I have found it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get  everything our bodies need from food alone. In researching vitamins/supplements, I found that our soil is not given time to rest between plantings so it’s stripped of so many nutrients.  It is for that reason that even the healthiest of us may still be lacking in certain vitamins/minerals.  I know I talk all the time about Shakeology and you know how much this has changed my life, it is with Shakeology and other supplements that I use that help with my workouts and daily health. I want to share with you how I keep up with my workouts, while taking care of my body as well.

“Shakeology”  This is the base of my diet and gives me so many vital nutrients that I know I would not otherwise get throughout my day. At a low customer cost of $5 per day, it is packed with dense nutrition to keep your body healthy, while also helping with weight loss.

“Hydrate” One supplement that I drink everyday is Beachbody Performance “Hydrate” – it comes in a super yummy citrus flavor and is an absolute necessity to give you the energy you need for your exercise routine. Depending on how long you are planning on working out, you will do one scoop per 30 minutes. I drink this everyday and I love it so much,  it gives you the energy you need to “kick butt” in your workout.

“Recover” The next supplement is Beachbody Performance “Recover” – it comes in two flavors, chocolate (which tastes a lot like a “cold” hot chocolate) and orange. Water/ice is all that is needed to mix, but fruit can also be added if you prefer.  You have a small (15-45 minute) window after your workout to refuel your body of the protein and carbohydrates it needs, which then helps boost your metabolism. Another bonus of “Recover” is the decrease in muscle soreness, up to 50%, you will feel after your workout. My brother-in-law has been using “Recover” while training for a marathon and has noticed a huge difference in the amount of muscle soreness as he trains.  I know for me, if I have miss taking my“Recover” for some reason I can really feel the difference in my muscles.

“Energize” I don’t use the pre-workout Beachbody Performance “Energize” daily, but there are times, for example when my baby doesn’t sleep, that I need a boost of energy. I will mix up a bit of this in water  before I teach one of my fitness classes and make sure my students get the energetic class they came for.

These supplements, along with my daily Shakeology, have changed the way my body feels before, during, and after my workouts. As if those reasons were not enough, all are NSF approved, which not all supplements on the market are,  Being NSF approved/certified means the ingredients and statements regarding contents, are tested and certified to be true. These are NSF certified for use by collegiate and professional athletes as well, which says a lot for the ingredients in these products. Years have gone into developing these supplements and then having them NSF certified proves they are going to fuel your body with the correct nutrients.

As I said before, I use these supplements everyday to keep up with my workouts and I know you would benefit from these as well.  Please share if you know of someone else that would benefit from these supplements and message me to get more information on these workout game changers.

So excited to share this with you. Talk soon.

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