Best Books to Read to Start a Business

Are you thinking of starting your own small business? Do you already have a small business but and want more out of it? I am passionate about helping people start their own small business and get it off the ground and going. I grew up in a home where both my parents owned a small business and currently own my own small business that I run from my home. It is important when looking to start your own business, that you invest in yourself and the possibilities available to you in the future. Reading will help fill your mind with the knowledge needed for business, as well as in life. My recommendations of the best books to read before starting a business and for current business owners as well are listed below. I learned the importance of personal development from Chalene and Bret Johnson, while employed as Vice President of their former company, Powder Blue Productions. Chalene was very big into personal development and instilled in me the knowledge that in order to have more you must become more. You can’t have more in life, whether business related or in another area of your life, without providing yourself with the knowledge it needs to succeed. What you will become in the next five years is based on who you surround yourself with and what you fill your mind with.

As an entrepreneur and online business owner, personal development is a priority in building my business and reaching my goals. What I learned as a network marketing professional is there is great value that can be gained through a book. Here are my top 10 books I recommend if you want to start a business or are already an entrepreneur. These books have changed my life and made me into the business owner, the leader and the person I am today. Believe in the possibilities of what you can have.

1) The Magic of Thinking Big David J Schwartz
Changes your mindset and helps you believe in what is possible.

2) The Slight Edge Jeff Olson
The little things you do or don’t do everyday have major effects in the long run.

3) Succeed: How We Reach Our Goals Heidi Grant Halvorson
Why some things are so hard for us to stick to

4) Failing Forward John C. Maxwell
Successful people don’t stop when they fail, they get up and keep going forward.

5) Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
Be clear in your goals and you can succeed.

6) Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters Jon Acuff
What to do if you are having a hard time taking the first step in launching your business.

7) No Excuses Brian Tracy
Look at why you are making excuses.

8) The Millionaire Next Door Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko
How to protect what you’ve earned and appreciate what you have.

9) PUSH: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body and the Life You Deserve Chalene Johnson
Helps bring clarity to your goals.

10) Go Pro Eric Worre
Geared towards network marketing.

I encourage you read and fill your head with positivity and the tools needed for you to succeed.

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