Attraction Marketing

You’ve probably heard the term attraction marketing, but maybe you are unsure as to what it exactly means to you as a coach and entrepreneur. There are many tips and strategies associated with attraction marketing, but the main idea behind it is that you will attract people to you by what you post on your social media. Facebook and other social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, which means not all your followers are seeing what you are putting out there. For example, figure that only 10% of your followers will see any post, so if you have 200 followers, only 20 people will see certain posts. Of those 20 people maybe only one or two would be attracted to you with regards to your business. There are different formulas associated with social media posting and the strategies of attraction marketing, but all recommend that only 20% of your posts should be business related. So, if you were to post five times per day, only one of those should be about Beachbody, or your business venture.

Think about attraction marketing as grabbing the attention of someone that has the same interests or is in the same stage of life as you and who may benefit with what you may have to offer. Focus on finding things that you are passionate about, for example sports, cooking, art, fashion, and post something about each of these things, then add a business related post. You will attract people with like-minded interests and therefore, build a team with people that share your same interests. For many of us, the coaching opportunity and Beachbody is our business, therefore you want to grab the attention of someone that might be looking for extra income, more time for family, as well as good health.

Three questions that will help you attract the kind of people you want on your team are:

#1 – Who do you want to attract? Besides attracting people who want to lose weight,focus on age range, what stage of life are they in, maybe a certain group of people (ie: new moms/empty nesters etc.) when looking at what type of person you are trying to attract.

#2 – Who are you tired of attracting? This is an important one! People who need constant motivation may not be someone you want on your team. If you were to look at your social media feed, does it speak to who you are? Or does it not really represent who you are and who you want to be working with? If you are looking for self-motivated, highly ambitious individuals, you don’t necessarily want a feed full of motivational quotes, those don’t speak to those type of people. You most likely would get people that are looking to you to motivate them and keep them going.

#3 – What does the person you are trying to attract find interesting? Think about the answers to the above two questions and find subjects that you want the person to be attracted to. Who that person is, is most likely who you are, or who you were, and is most likely a better version of yourself. You want to appear “real” to who you are attracting, we see right through “fake” and so will your followers. Here is a tip for attracting highly organized people….they love to see organization tips, there is always room for more organization for the highly organizational people. People who feel like they need more time to get everything done like to hear topics related to multi-tasking.

I recently went through Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy, which I do every year, and was reminded that with social media you tend to get back what you are putting out there. For quite some time, I was only attracting people who wanted to work out and be motivated. Now, I like working out, and I am motivating to a point, but this is not who I am now and I surely don’t want to have to motivate people on a daily basis to workout and lose weight. I needed to look at who and what I was attracting and change my focus in my social media posting to where I am right now in life and who I am looking to attract.

Your main focus with attraction marketing is to connect with the kind of people that you would want to join your team. At this time in my life, being a new mom and juggling the demands of my family and running a home business, are my main focus and tend to be what most of my social media posts are about. Therefore, I will attract people in the same stage of life as I am in and will find people that are in the same stage of life. There are coaches out there that have hundreds and hundreds of coaches under them, but I do believe in quality over quantity. The team I am building will continue to be the type of people that are attracted to me for who I am and for where I am at this point in my life.

With attraction marketing, think before you post, have a specific thing in mind, and post with a purpose.

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