What Every Network Marketing Professional Must Master

5 Steps to the presentation:

1 The Dream – Help them uncover what they want out of life.

Ask questions

Don’t tell them your story until you hear theirs

You’re there for them! Not for you.

2 The Team – Build credibility and confidence.

Tell them about your personal sponsor

Share success stories – of the people on your team, yourself, and your team as a whole

Lift up the people on your team – list their accomplishments and strengths

Let them know they are not alone

3 The Company – The products and compensation plan

Independent rep

Share some of the most popular products

Share the compensation plan: residual income potential

4 Back to the Dream – Relate everything back to how it can help them reach their dreams

This is the vehicle to get them where they want to go

Ask them how much their life would change if they didn’t need to worry about money coming in

Ask them how residual income could impact their life now

5 The Follow up – Book the follow up right then and there

Notes: Don’t use a script. Have bullet points of key points you want to make, but NEVER a script!

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