How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

I like to EAT!! In fact, I like to eat whole pizzas and hamburgers! I knew I wasn’t eating as good as I should. We had the 21 Day Fix in the house and I thought I’d give it a shot. With the eating plan, you get a series of small containers. With each color coded container, you are given a list of certain foods you can fill them up with. But you can only fill the containers so many times per day, depending on your weight. So the 21 Day Fix was different for me because it made me take a look at what I was eating and how I was eating it! The carbs I normally eat are whole wheat bread, couscous and yams. I also eat lean meat, fish and chicken to fill my protein for the day and I eat a lot of vegetables.

An Unfortunate Minor Accident

Because I like to eat, I also like to run, lift weights, and box. All of last year, 2014, I weighed 220 lbs. But at the end of the year, I was trying to scale it down a bit and I was going between 205-210 lbs. Well, in January I ducked to avoid a punch while boxing and I hurt my back. I knew I had to do something different because you can’t be eating whole pizzas, not exercise, and think you’re gonna look good. About a week later, my pants were already getting tight and I knew I had to do something and I had to do it fast!

The Beach Vacation Motivation

That’s when I decided my eating had to change. It just so happened that when I started the 21 Day Fix, it was the 21 days leading up to our Jamaican vacation. I knew I was gonna be on the beach not looking pretty so I decided to try it out!

Your Body is Made in the Kitchen! 

In 21 days, I lost 9 pounds which is incredible for me!! I went from 205 to 196! I haven’t been under 200 for some time now so it was a big deal for me. And I had an injured back, so I wasn’t able to exercise. I couldn’t do cardio, but I did lift about a quarter of the weight when I could but that was it.

Being Healthy is Easy with the 21 Day Fix

I believe that anyone can do this! It’s easy!! The main difference is portion control and the type of food you’re eating. You don’t eat a lot of cheese or white carbs, but you don’t feel hungry. And you replace those foods with much healthier options. Anyone can do this!

What will motivate you to start eating healthy?

If you’re looking to get started with your workouts but need some help to getting going, check out Keith’s 4 part video series at:

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